Metropolix and Gx

Just a heads up, it’s just a single module with 2 face plates, you could only use 1 at a time.


Ahh ok. I see the design now. Still, was looking for something like this for the O_C. Excited to hear about the USB MIDI features in the new firmware :slight_smile: The module would get used in one of those scenarios.

Oh wow, this is great! Very cool design with the dual faceplate!

I tend to use the TRK2 as a hidden sound.
It can also be used like a delay sound.
The two tracks share the same settings as much as possible, and gradually adjust the differences.
Metropolix has a lot of features, but I think it is best used in a simple way.


great update! Would it be possible to connect the Metropolix to the usb midi output on a 7u performance case? If yes, how? It would be amazing to finally be able to use the midi connectivity of the case :heart_eyes:

It lives!


Just catching up on the beginning of the video…the new random/morph/undo feature sounds awesome!

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Sounds like the answer is no unfortunately.

There is not official way, but…

With a cable like this, you, could modify the pinout on the connector to match the pins for the USB port on the back. My personal system is actually set up like this, but you will not be able to use these ports for MIDI 1U.

the Header Pins are here:

This method will not be supported, and if any damage comes of this, it would not likely be covered by warranty, please be careful.


Gotta say max kudos to the guys behind the Metropolix for the way that you keep adding to its functionality in significant and unexpected ways. The Midi stuff looks absolutely amazing!


I was looking at making something like this a few days ago. Just pulled apart a 10-pin connector and dug out and old micro USB. What are these connectors specifically called? Unsure which is PIN 1.

EDIT: Found the PIN out diagram. What a pain in the ass the nestle individual wires into those IDC connectors o__o

Send CC from Mod! Great update!

If I can edit Mod with the pitch slider, I may have to draw all my DAW automation in Metropolix.

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Heads up, a change for you early adopters to use the Update Firmware… menu option :slight_smile:

Sorry for the Double Update!

I know there are no plans to do so, but I thought I should voice, “I really wish you would sell these cables.” I have a tremor in my hands so this kind of stuff is a pain to do myself…

It’s something we’ll look into, in the mean time there is non-diy solution with the USB Extender, or routing a cable to the outside of the case

Can you tell if this’ll fit? It’s not a down-90, like yours, not sure if that’s a requirement, clearance-wise:

It is 90deg, but the dupont connector has a plugged pin-hole, so that would need to be drilled out, and then the pins will need to be shuffled around. This will also not allow you to use the MIDI 1U or MIDI modules at the same time.

For info I just have the usb cable running out of the back of the module straight out of a 2u gap in my case. Haven’t had any issues whatsoever, works brilliantly. Only reason I will buy an expander is because I have nerdy OCD, I don’t think I technically need one.

Accum limits question: is it semitones or scale steps?

If it’s scale step most of the western scales should have Root+Octave on the 8th grade of limit, but it’s not the case if I can hear it correctly.

If it’s semitones how exactly the maths works.

Scale Degrees (Scale Steps), Accum Limits are non-inclusive of the current position, they are in addition to it.

Let’s call the current slider position 1, this means that accumulating up 7 degrees will be the Octave jump for the current position.

You can see this post for programming a 1 octave toggle on each accumulation, might help understand the math.