Metropolix 1.4.1 — USB MIDI / More Gx Modes / Randomizer / Bug Fixes / Updated Manual!

Here’s the Rundown!

  • New USB MIDI Support!
    • Connects to a USB Host as a Class Compliant USB MIDI Device via USB Header on the rear of the module.
    • 1U/3U 2HP USB Extender available to bring the rear USB port to the front panel of your modular. Handy but not required, available at
    • Configurable MIDI Clock/Transport Send and Receive.
    • MIDI NoteOn/Off messages from Tracks 1+2.
    • Three config options for assigning Slide to CC supports a wide variety of synth configurations.
    • Assignable MIDI CC number from each Track’s CV lane.
    • Assignable MIDI Channel and CC number from each of the Mod Lanes.
    • Velocity Support and Modulation via Aux/Mod/Ctrl/Track CV. Configured in the Track Menu.
    • Setup MIDI Channel and CC for Mod Lanes and CV in the Track and Mod Menus.
    • SysEx backup and restore of Presets, the current State and Global Settings.
  • New Randomizer for Track and Stage parameters — When ALT is active the 3 AUX buttons will perform the following functions:
    • ALT + AUX X: Randomize current screen parameters.
    • ALT + AUX Y: Morph Current Screen Parameters.
    • ALT + AUX Z: Undo Random/Morph Current Screen Parameters.
  • New Gx Expander Modes!
    • Transport renamed to Transport A
    • Transport B — Odd/Even Mix
      1. Run
      2. Reset
      3. /1
      4. /3
      5. /4
      6. /5
      7. /8
      8. /16
    • Transport C — Div/Mult Mix (Thanks Pow Pow!)
      1. Run
      2. Reset
      3. x4
      4. x2
      5. x1
      6. /2
      7. /4
      8. /8
    • Probability Clock (Thanks again Pow Pow!)
      1. x1 (100% Prob)
      2. x1 (75% Prob)
      3. x1 (50% Prob)
      4. x1 (25% Prob)
      5. /2 (100% Prob)
      6. /2 (75% Prob)
      7. /2 (50% Prob)
      8. /2 (25% Prob)
  • Gx Transport A/B/C Options now use the global reset flag instead of First Pulse from the selected Track.
  • Added “Velocity” to Output A/B options for use in modular context.
  • Added “Reset” (Global) to Output A/B options.
  • “Clock Mode:” has been updated to “Clk/Rset Out:” - Same options (Always|Running), but encompasses the global Reset outputs on Gx/A/B as well.
  • Show most recently loaded Preset Chain with flashing LED.
  • Added “Screen Level” adjustment to the UI Setup menu.
  • Added “Update Firmware…” to Setup menu. This will enter the bootloader.
  • Other minor bug fixes.
  • Updated manual available at



Hell yeah, wanted that for a while


Thank you, amazing update!

Oh goodness just having a go at using the Metropolix to sequence the Arturia V synths. Oh man this is fun.


Thanks a lot, it’s great.

Total noob question :How to transfer presets via sysex ? Is there a program and a simple way to do that ?

Thanks Intellijel for these updates. Metropolix was the reason i began eurorack, i never regret it.

Try Sysex Librarian it’s free to dl and really simple to use

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Mac: snoize: SysEx Librarian
Windows (I have not used this personally): MIDI-OX

Sweetwater Primer

Another article if you are on Windows.


Thank you ! I will check that!

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Stock has been updated on the USB Expander! Sorry for the delay! They will ship out next week!

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I got hit by this very specific bug on the stream, so frustrating and so specific! Before I cover slide, you’ll hear my confusion as to why Track 2 is running so slowly. This would not be noticeable in almost any other scenario!

Well, here’s a fix.

1.4.1 (2021-02-11)

  • Fixed very specific bug; undoing a randomized track clock division change while stopped.


(I have also updated the links above)


I think Gx & Qx are essentially the same with different labels on the front, but can my Qx also be used with all the new Transport features?

I found that Qx gets more love with Metropolix than my Quadrax.


Yep, the Gx and Qx are the same module, just 2 different faceplates.

You can use the Qx for anything the Gx does, just depends on what module it’s connected too.

I actually used a Qx in the stream, because i did not have a Gx on hand.

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This is absolutely incredible guys.
Well done!

Good job I never bought a CV to MIDI Module.
This update makes that idea completely redundant now.

Does the randomiser function work on notes and gates within a scale across a whole pattern?
or just on alt functions?
in the video you demo randomising the mod cv but not notes / gates

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You can randomize the pitch and gate screens (almost any track and stage param) randomizing pitch will override the slider value.

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Wonderful. Thank you
So I can hit random once and it will randomise all the pitches in a pattern in one click?

and then move to gate and hit random and it will randomise gates across a whole pattern?

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exactly, just try it out!

I’m not home at the moment, hence the questions. But it will be the first thing I do when I return.
I’ve already ordered an extra long 10ft usb cable to reach from Metropolix to my Mac in anticipation.


Does the new update firmware option mean I won’t have to remove the module from the case to install the update?

Edit: answered my own question by doing it


I’ve updated to 1.4.1 but i can’t seem to use the midi functionality? It is connected in the same way as when i did the firmware update, but i get a code 43 unknown usb device (device descriptor request failed) in device manager (Win10).

So, nevermind all working now. I restarted the computer and had to physically unplug the cable from the back of the module (was connecting the lead out the case before) I think this loaded the driver, since all is working now. And it works by plugging the lead, so no nead to go to the back every time.

This is so awesome! i was planning to buy a cv to midi module just because i wanted to be able to use the metropolix in the daw. And i can use rock-steady tight cv clocking while having all this hands-on sequencing and modulation power in the DAW.

I see you’ve added a probability feature to the gate expander. Great idea, i was planning to pair mine up with a mutable Branches for this purpose. Now i just need a logic module to get the dropped gates from the probability outs, and then i can do a call-and-response between two voices and one of Metropolix’s channels.

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