Metropolix — Bug Fixes

Here’s the fixes—

  • Fixed adding preset Red 1 to the first slot of a Quick Chain.
  • Fixed freezing issue when overwriting a saved Preset Chain.
  • Fixed issue where presets would stop loading after long sessions with lots of preset loading/chaining.



Hey Wes,

Links are giving me a 404! (but TETE link worked)

Metropolix link working fine for me.

The latest Metropolis firmware should be included with that Tete updater.

Was a typo in the link, fixed.

Yep, that’s where I went for it. Just letting you know about the link!

Metropolix 1.3.2 not loading presets neither on Queue Pulses or Total Pulses, it only changes preset at Instant.

EDIT = Sorry It works, I didn’t set it properly on setup advanced options !


This is a Feature Change Request.

The load method is very awkward, this Queue pulses and Total pulses is a double edge knife since is hard to recall what preset was saved with or what not.

It should be a global thing only, more straight forward. Is cool to have 3 options

  • Instant
  • After last pulse of preset
  • Custom number of pulses - lets say I choose 4 pulses to load on next beat.

This is much more musical and more in the spirit of playing an instrument.

EDIT: I didn’t want to sound ranty on this post, so let me correct that and I truly believe Metropolix is the best sequencer EVER. !

This has been discussed at length in the main Metropolix thread

Here’s a Quick summary.

A Stage is not a step, it can be many steps, It can be skipped, it can be modulated. They can be played through in order, or randomly. Because of this, we can say for sure that 8 Stages does not 8 Steps. There is also 2 Tracks and 8 Mod Lanes; you may want your Track 1 to repeat every 8 Pulses, while your modulation repeats every 32 or 64, and Track 2 is repeating at 5 steps. How long is that sequence? That’s up to the user.

The Sequence Length has to be set manually because it’s impossible to derive from the other settings.

  1. In a Preset, you can set Total Pulses to Lock in your Stage Length.
  2. If you don’t set the value in your Preset, then it looks at the global setting, Queued Pulses.

We have 3 Options for Loading Preset (and we have Preset Chains)

  • Instant
  • Queued Pulses (Uses the Global setting)
  • Total Pules (Uses the Preset Setting, falling back to the Global setting — Preset Chains also work on this behaviour)

Hope this clears it up. I am considering moving the Queued Pulses setting to the Main Setup menu for easier access in a future release.

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I just wanted to report what I think is a bug - when switching pulse count, the first time that stage comes up it defaults to the multiple gate type, then on subsequent loops it will do whatever the gate type switch is set to. I’m new to Metropolix so I started with the most recent firmware (

I cannot recreate this behaviour. If you could provide the details of the patch or video to we can have a deeper look.