Metropolix 1.3.1 — Modulate BPM, Preset Chains with Mute States and More! (+Minor Update)

The third big Metropolix update, here’s the highlights—

Here’s the details—

  • New Ctrl/Mod/Aux over BPM! Create the waviest groove or Synced BPM changes with Mod Lanes, Aux inputs, your hands or all three.
  • New Preset Chains!
    • Chain and Sequence sets of Presets including the mute state of Track 1, Track 2 and Mod Lanes.
    • 32 Links per Chain, each line has 1 preset and set of mutes represented, and can repeat up to 64x.
    • Full Add/Edit/Remove UI for managing Preset Chains.
    • Store up to 8 Chains on the module.
    • Access via "Preset Chains..." in SETUP Menu or via shortcut: Hold SETUP.
    • Quick Chain feature for fast creation and launching of a new chain during performance.
    • Option to Hold the chain position when using Loopy.
  • New Ctrl knob position can now be output as voltage on Outputs A+B (Unipolar 0-5v or Bipolar ±5v).
  • New Preset setup section under the SETUP Button. Settings here are saved with the Preset.
  • Changed Queued Loading behaviour. It is now called Load Delay, and it's no longer tied the LEN>Pulses parameter of Track 1 to determine when to load the next preset, it is only using the global parameter, Queued Pulses. See manual for details.
  • New "Total Pulses" preset setting, this defines an over all length for the current state or preset. When this count is reached, ALL tracks and lanes are reset. This parameter is also used for "Total Pulses" Loads and Preset Chaining.
  • New Load Option "Total Pulses" for synced loading of presets based on Total Pulses (with fallback to Queued Pulses value if not set).
  • Increase Queue Pulses maximum to 4096 (to account for 8 Stages * 8 Pulses Each * 64 Clock In Div), matching the Total Pulses maximum value.
  • Display "User Shortcut" on Scale and Order screens.
  • When selecting your Mod Lane, display the assignment on the action bar.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

  • Fixed incorrect Mod Lane assignments when loading presets saved on an older firmware version.
  • Fixed when tracks are set to ignore the Global Reset, they should still reset in a Preset Chain or Delayed Load.
  • Fixed Factory Reset boot shortcut, it was clearing settings, but not properly setting defaults.

Latest 1.3.x:

Updated manual available at Support - intellijel


there goes my weekend … Thanks for creating this amazing and very musical module Intelli-Gents!


Thanks for jamming on it!

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How exciting! Thank you!


Preset chaining!! :exploding_head::drooling_face::man_dancing:t2:


Bananas. Stellar update!


Total class!! :notes::notes::notes: and do I see TWO new 1u modules in there¿?

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i think just one :slight_smile:


Great update. I am loving Metropolix more and more. The accumulation along with all the timing options scale selection and preset chaining is really a source of musical inspiration.

I was wondering if there could be some acceleration or speeding up the dial when editing cv or other decimal number type mod lanes. i feel like the amount of turns it takes to fully raise or lower a step makes it kind of arduous to edit. the other types, ratchet pitch probability etc are fine.

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there is some pretty heavy acceleration on the encoder, give it a quick turn, you should be able to move 5v with a single turn.


yeah i guess if you really crank it it raises up. still feels a bit slow to me, but I’m sure i’ll get more used to its feel with practice.

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After a 2nd look I do stand corrected :see_no_evil:

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Posted on the wrong thread

Hi Guys,
I just received my new Metropolix yesterday, owning and loving the original Metropolis this new X is more than I expected. Mine has V 1.20 - Have been playing all the functions …and not a hiccup !

Now … A question about the 1.3 firmware update … what type of USB is it needed, also is any type of USB port supported ? … my mac has USB 2 I guess.

USB 2 is great, there is a USB micro connector on the back of the module, you can plug in there, and follow the instructions in the updater app itself for how to load on the firmware. If you’re on windows, you’ll need to install the drivers first, If you have a Mac, it’s a bit simpler.

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Ok thanks!
Hope I don’t screw up things … this updates are, for me at least, a bit frightening.
Anyway … thanks for the info

Great update!
Not sure if this is a regression, but after updating I can’t seem to be able to reset the sequence when it is not running. Looking in the updated manual, I’m not seeing any new control schemes for doing so. :thinking:

example: I have a sequence that runs along with a separate sequence on my drum sequencer (steppy) when experimenting and the rythms get off track with each other I used to just stop the metropolix and hit reset on it and then reset on steppy to get them both back to one, then hit run again. not anymore. :grey_question:

Hi - sorry for my constant questions regarding Metropolix but I have spent ages trying to search the manual and can’t find an answer to this question.

Is there a way of overriding the gate type per track? I want to set up a simple call and response pattern with two voices. Stages 1 - 4 only trigger voice 1 and stages 5 - 8 only trigger voice 2. The whole sequence plays 1 - 8 but only sends gates to the respective voices.