Metropolix 1.3.1 — Modulate BPM, Preset Chains with Mute States and More! (+Minor Update)

Ignore that, all you need to do is select “rest” in the gate type mod lane. This has been annoying me for ages not being able to figure that out :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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It should do the reset when the you start the sequence. It never performs a reset when stopped. Internally resets happen on the next pulse, unless they happen at the exact same time as a pulse.

A couple things to try:
There is an newer option, setting Setup > UI Setup … > Run Button to Run/Stop will handle the reset automatically when you toggle the RUN button, but you can no longer “pause” the sequencer on it’s current pulse.

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In the Track Menu, you can override the switches with a fixed value per-track.

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Not sure how I missed that, but works like you said. thanks for the reply!

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Updated my module to 1.3 and I haven’t spent extensive time with it, but I did notice a bug effecting an old preset. I knew it wasn’t sounding right and after taking a look at the mod lanes I had set up for it, I noticed that the target parameters were all off by one. A mod lane that had originally been modulating Pitch Pre was set to Pitch Post and another that was originally set to Pulse Count was set to Probability. Anyways, just turning the encoder one notch to the right to change the parameter assignment to the next one over solved it, but ostensibly this is going to effect all my presets so if this is actually a widespread behavior, perhaps a patch is in order?

I’ll double check that here, what version did you upgrade from? If it’s an issue, then a patch will fix it. Is it Aux and Ctrl too? or Just Mod Lanes?

Updating from 1.2. I can try to check more thoroughly later, but I did notice that the Ctrl assignment on this particular preset was still intact.

Bug Confirmed, I missed a portion of the preset upgrade routine on the Mod Lanes data. I will put out a release today or tomorrow.

Your existing presets will load properly, no need to re-save everything.


  • Fixed incorrect Mod Lane assignments when loading presets saved on an older firmware version.
  • Fixed when tracks are set to ignore the Global Reset, they should still reset in a Preset Chain or Delayed Load.
  • Fixed Factory Reset boot shortcut, it was clearing settings, but not properly setting defaults.


Thanks freqout!


Thanks for the update!

I’ve been attempting to play with the new Preset Chain feature and I’m finding that the chain isn’t being ‘cycled through’ when Metropolix is running (I see a flashing chain link and “1/3” showing at the first preset in the chain). The second preset is never reached and “1/3” continues to show on the first preset indefinitely while Metropolix is running.

I went into each of the presets and defined “Pulses” for both tracks and that didn’t seem to help. I’m using v1.3.1

Any ideas? :grin:

You’ll want to define the “Total Pulses” (SETUP Menu) to define the length of a preset (the Chain will use this value) this is saved with each preset.

There is also a fallback number that is used by the Preset Chains incase Total Pulses is not set.

SETUP > Preset Setup… > Queued Pulses

This value is used when Total Pulses is Empty. The default on modules shipped BEFORE 1.3 is “-” (disabled), so you may need to configure. The new Default is 16.

Great! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I now see that I had to edit the “SETUP > Total Pulses” for each individual preset and re-save them before the preset chain would work. Now it’s working beautifully.

And of course I now see this mentioned in the manual: “The length of time for which each preset plays is determined by its Total Pulses value (as set per-preset on the SETUP screen). Specifically, the number of pulses set there will determine the length of 1x playback.”

You CAN go and set all of the Total Pulses, but like i mentioned, you can just set Queued Pulses to a value that will play nice with your presets (16, 32, 64, whatever) and it will use that value when Total Pulses is empty.


Hi Intellijel,

Could you please help me figure out the key spots in the manual that have been updated since 1.2? I assume the accumulator and preset sections? I would like to print them and add to my current hard copy. Thanks!

The updater Changelog is the best summary we have (in the updater and the top of this thread). Anything mentioned there related to a new feature will be in the updated manual.

As you mentioned, Preset Chains and Presets (added Total Pulses) received the biggest changes. I don’t think anything changed relating to the accumulator.

Hope that helps.

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For the trees!

(used a PDF compare tool aka a difference checker)

(page numbers refer to the printed footer, not the PDF viewer’s page count)

TOC: insertions and increased len +1 page
1.3 p18 (previously 17): new final paragraph
1.3 p30 (prev 29): under Multiply changed to PULSE COUNT DIV (from PULSE DIV).
1.3 p37 (prev 36): the first Reverse pattern is edited
1.3 p 42 to 52 inclusive, major changes
1.3 p 68-69 (prev 65-66) changed to PULSE COUNT DIV (from PULSE DIV)
1.3 p 85-87 (prev 82-84) changed to PULSE COUNT DIV (from PULSE DIV)
1.3 p 98-102 inclusive (prev 95-96)
1.3 p105-108 inclusive, major changes
1.3 p132 (prev 126) new BPM param in the first column
1.3 p134-135 inclusive (prev 128-129)
1.3 p139 (prev 133)
1.3 p141 (prev 135)
1.3 p143 (prev 137)
1.3 p148 (prev 142)
1.3 p150 (prev 144)
1.3 p155 -165 inclusive
1.3 p170-171 inclusive


Wow, I didn’t even know you could do this. I don’t think I explained that I have the very first iteration of the manual, 2021.02.14. How did you do this?

EDIT: I found the Adobe Compare Files “plugin”, looks like it’s free for 7 days then it’s part of a package that’s $15 a month…I think I’ll just do it manually based on the TOC :blush:

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Ah, looks like that iteration was taken down from /support… I don’t have it. Used DiffChecker on Ubuntu. There are also “free” online tools but I don’t like uploading my docs to them.

Just went through, wasn’t that bad. Basically, since the first version of the manual, the changes have mainly been:

  • Global Settings
  • Stage Buttons > Accum
  • Alt Buttons > Lim (Accum Options)
  • Addition of Expanded Expositions (now containing Gate Stretching) and Preset Chaining

By the “Updated manual available at” link I can see only an old 2020 version. Is it ok? I.e. do any new firmware updates reach the manual’s content as the actual explanations in the right places? Or is this not always the case and the latest manuals can deviate from some recent updates? Thank you.