XY 1u to 7u case jacks

Does anyone have a pinout or diagram of how to connect a XY 1u module directly to the jacks on the 7u case. Would like to connect X to one jack and Y to another. TRS connections. Giving access to the rear jacks on the front of the case for stereo send receive through 1/8 TRS. I have been poking around, but haven’t found any clear instructions.

It’s possible but I’m not sure why you wouldn’t just get 1/8" → 1/4" TRS converters, or even cables with one of each connector.

If you still want to do it, you’d need some F/F jumper wires or similar to connect between the connectors on the XY and the jack board.

Here’s the pinout of the jack board (there’s one of these for each pair of output jacks):

and the pinout of the XY module is in the manual.

Based on the pin numbering in those two diagrams, you’d connect:

  • XY’s JP1 pin 1 (tip X) to jack board’s pin 2 (OUTL tip)
  • XY’s JP1 pin 3 (ring X) to jack board’s pin 1 (OUTL ring)
  • XY’s JP3 pin 1 (tip Y) to jack board’s pin 4 (OUTR tip)
  • XY’s JP3 pin 3 (ring Y) to jack board’s pin 3 (OUTR ring)

You’ll likely need one more wire for ground - it could connect between pin 2 on any of JP1-JP3 on the XY to either pin 5 or 6 of the jack board. I believe (but have not measured) that all of the grounds on the jack board are connected together, so if you’re connecting something powered to the other two jacks you should be able to omit the additional wire.

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I got it wired up before seeing your reply. Seems to be working perfectly. I wanted to integrate my knob farm ferry / stereo send return into the performance case jacks with the XY. It is working well.