7u case midi ports reusable?

Awesome. Looks like it should work. Thanks!

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Can I ask how you diy’d the connector? Great idea!

I took a 10-pin ribbon cable, and cut the ribbon in two, then just cross-connected the various individual wires.

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Definitely bookmarking this thread. Been thinking about repurposing the MIDI jacks on my 7U cases. Got my eye on those 1/4" jacks too.

wondering if anyone successfully did this!?

We’ve had other reports of using them w/ a Disting. Using F/F jumper cables would be easiest, something like this: https://www.digikey.ca/product-detail/en/adafruit-industries-llc/1950/1528-1961-ND/6827084?utm_adgroup=&mkwid=s2BFFXZxe&pcrid=315240979579&pkw=&pmt=&pdv=c&productid=6827084&slid=&gclid=CjwKCAjwwZrmBRA7EiwA4iMzBP9P-GDPdiJgmNPhbpuq0VpdxYVQxx8UQIEpUsIPg4kdtwi2OTwPixoC50sQAvD_BwE

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I just happen to have a drawer full of them :slight_smile:

do i only need the four wires going to the midi on the case, not power or ground?

Just wanted to chime in and say that this worked great for hooking up General CV directly to the MIDI in on the 7u case.

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hey world & good people of Intellijel
I just wanted to drop that I’ve build this:

12 Likes, 1 Comments - LPZW.modules (@lpzwmodules) on Instagram: “Our first prototype of the adapter for the Midi ports of the @intellijel 7U cases is assembled and…”


for my 7U case since I’ve a lot of modules with internal MIDI.
First off: the chance that this is going to be a major product available in shops are in the single digit percentage range but I am open to help other people out with this.
What it provides: Opto-coupled MIDI Input from the Input jack. 3 internal pins that can go to internal inputs of other modules like ours, Mutable Grids but also Expert Sleepers since it also provides 5V “loop” pins.
It also has a copy of the original header to still being able to connect an Intellijel MIDI interface, while also sending MIDI to other modules.
It has another header so you can connect Modules with internal MIDI output like Pamela’s New Workout and drivers for the output and thru jack. But also jumpers so that those two jacks are direct thru from the input (that’s how I use it).


So: how should I route the pinouts to a simple diy 1u module with a bunch of midi thru jacks to connect various midi modules with a single midi cable plugged to the back of the case?

You can attach 3 midi out directly to it since I have the „loop“ connection for it. So get a 6 position IDC connector on a ribbon cable and solder the jacks to the other side.

You could also buy our WK3 midi thru module and connect it to one of those pins with a jumper cable (new version has a header on the back for this)

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Thanks for replying! I already have the Tram8 great module! I’d like to have it connected to the midi in of my case along with my ALM mmMidi (which afaik doesn’t have a midi in pin on the back )

I an super sorry - I haven’t checked the thread here.
I your case I’d go for a WK3, connect that to the port+my adapter and go from there to the ALM with a short TRS cable.

Hi Max,

my solution is too specific to make it a product. (i.e. amount of support vs. amount of money to be made)
You might actually get way with just splitting the raw MIDI to both modules.
MIDI is a current loop signal driving an optocoupler (think of a LED that blinks) if you split passively the current might not be enough to drive all “LEDs”. Two modules might be ok tho.

You are also lucky cos both modules expect this current loop… some modules (including mine) expect a serial logic signal, so you couldn’t do just that.
The only difficulty for you is to find the correct pins.
Os also publishes his pin out in the module manuals btw.

In case anyone is wanting to do something similar - I did successfully get one MIDI in signal passively split to both 1u uMIDI and Disting EX. It’s actually a bit less hacky than I was expecting wiring wise. I had a 5 pin DIN Y cable lying around and so rather than splitting the signal in the case I routed the Y cable outputs to both the in jack (hooked up to 1u MIDI) and the out jack, making them two input jacks going to different modules. Initially I was going to solder wire directly to the out jacks but I realized IJ built a MIDI out pinout on the performance case jack boards.

This thread talks about that

I had a 3 pin female to female jumper cable lying around (came with my Mutable Stages) and just connected the correct 2 pins on the EX to the correct 2 pins on the midi out PCB (refer to the thread above and disting manual for details). Both 1U uMIDI and Disting EX are able to receive MIDI simultaneously from my MIDI interface without interference.


So are the out pins going to connect to the out pins and the in pins to in pins or in to out and out to in?

Nevermind I went with info from another post. I’m using the midi out din as my midi in on my case sending to my disting by connecting pins 4 and 5 on both sides.

Can the adapter useable between 7U midi and the nerdseq ?

It will be incredible and so useful !

I don’t know what the Nerdseq uses to connect to it’s expander. Maybe go and ask XOR about that.
I will however make a better version of that adapter (the prototypes are all gone anyway).

Hi, this is slightly tangential (USB instead of MIDI), but do I understand the pin-out correctly, that pins 7-10 expose the USB connections as well? So if I had a module with a USB connection under the hood (running off of a Teensy, for example), I could make a cable to connect the module’s USB to the header in order to use the case’s USB port to connect to the Teensy?

And is this the same on Palette cases as well?


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