Palette case - 6-pin connector to TRS jacks pinout

Hello everyone, I need the pinout for the 6-pin connector that goes to the TRS jacks of the Palette case, the one that receives the stereo line out module’s signal and puts it through to these jacks. Can anyone help me with this? Specifically I need to find out which pin goes to the tip/ring/sleeve of each jack. Shown on the bottom of the board here:

figured it out. here you all go. Obviously this means that unless you plan to use both of Stereo 1U and Headphones 1U in parallel, or have two mono TRS jacks and a single stereo TRS jack available at all times, the Headphones 1U is not necessary, as the Stereo Line Out 1U can be used to achieve the same goal (line-level output to a stereo TRS jack with volume control) for less HP and more flexibility.

In other words, with a little hacking using jumper wires, with any of the Intellijel cases that have the Neutrik TRS jacks and the 6-pin connector, you can use the Stereo Line Out 1U to output either dual mono TRS (left and right) or a single stereo TRS.



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