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Hi, since last week I installed Steppy and it’s a fine tool combined with other sequencers in my set up.

Cool the shift function… " * Each track can be shifted (or ‘rotated’) forward or backward by a number of steps. So if you’ve created a pattern that ‘feels’ like it has its downbeat on step 3, you can shift that pattern two steps to the left, so that the downbeat sits on step 1".

The question: after shifting the visual representation of the steps also move - since I use the shift to map Steppy with the starting point (first count) of the other sequencers (which works) it looks odd - and while programming I have to keep in mind that I push the right button. Would be nice if the visual presentation keeps the first step on the first button regardless the shifted amount…

Hope my “message” is clear and maybe my remarks isn’t possible. When possible is would be nice if the shift setting/menu shows the amount of shift with a blinking button.

Thanks a lot for your reply. Jurgen aka SONICrider.

I’m not sure I understand you correctly, but you want the sequencer to show the steps in the same position even after it has been shifted? If that was the case, how would you tell where the steps are actually located?

If the shifting was a temporary change to a pattern that might make sense, but the shifting is meant to be permanent. I believe the main concept is that this is to work with Live Tap recording mode. So if you tap in a rhythm and you’re a little behind the beat you can shift the pattern back into place.

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Hi Scott, sorry that I didn’t’t explain my issue in a clear way. Another try :slight_smile:

Since Steppy starts with an external clock, Steppy start at step 2 comparing to the master sequencer. To adjust the “delay” I used the shift function and musical it works fine. Visual it looks odd: when keying in more steps I have to active step 6 to make it trigger at step 5 from the master sequencer.

I read an article/p0st about a new firmware where the reset function and this solve the problem that Steppy “at the first pulse” goes back to step 1 and at the second pulse start… Since I use reset to maybe I have to run the firmware update?

Ik hope you can follow my explanation? Thanks again for replying. Jurgen

This post is where I talked about in the above post --> Steppy 1.1 Beta

Thanks for clarifying that @SONICrider, I think I understand now.

So yes, I think the firmware update should sort out your issue so the downbeat will be synchronized between your sequencers.

Previously Steppy would reset on the next clock pulse so that’s why it would be off a step if you sent the reset on the first step.

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Hi ScottMFR,

I did the update, based on the functionality written in post Steppy 1.1 Beta where I did a reply to, I miss " * On the SEL page, you’ll see the RST LED lit up yellow if RUN mode is enabled". Maybe I boot up in the wrong way “Toggled by Holding RST (Save) on boot”, when I do this it sets the last step of the sequencer to step 15.

To keep al clear I will not reply on the other post.

The update says " * Manually pressing RST from the SEL page will now immediately reset to step one rather than waiting for the next clock pulse." --> I still see the step were the sequencer stopped flashing.

The way I work: I have several sequencers running and the TipTop Trigger Rito sends a reset to all of them.

Hope you can help :slight_smile:. Thanks again. Jurgen

Hi Jungen,

I think in your case you do not want RUN mode enabled. Run mode means that the sequencer will only advance while it receives a high gate to the RESET input.

I feel like a very simple video with a very slow clock and some desciption of the patch would help here, emailed to

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Hi there… new Steppy user here… same problem.
The first step always behaves funny.
I already updated to the latest firmware and I have a Rev3 module, so these parameters should be fine.

Here is what I get:
Seems, that the first pulse of the external clock is never processed. That is, when I have a clock division of 1, the trigger won’t come at all. When I have a clock division of 3, the 1 step is only 2 pulses long, when I have a clock division of 4, the first step is 3 pulses long. So always 1 pulse shorter than the rest of the sequence. Now it depends on the gate length of the Steppy, what happens next. When the gate length is 1 (the shortest), there are two short triggers (or gates) on the first step, but nevertheless the first steps is one pulse too short. As this is hard to imagine, here is an image of my mordax DATA:

The sequence should be 5 gates with a clock division of 4, but as you can see, there are two gates on the first note, which only is 3 pulses, and the rest is ok.

When the gates are slightly longer, the following happens:
The first gate are not 2 short gates any more, but 1 longer gate, the first note still is only 3 pulses long, and the rest is ok. In this example I had 6 gates programmed.

Here the image:
See post below…

I always have reset the steppy manually with “Select → RST”.
The green are the gates, that go into the Steppy and the blue are the Steppy outputs…

Just to be clear again: The whole sequence should look like it looks from the 4th green pulse further on (which is the 2nd step on the Steppy), always one blue gate on every 4th green gate.

And it gets even crazier: When I make the gates even longer (4 red lights), the second step is swallowed, because the gate of the first note is again too long, but nevertheless has one pulse less than it should. Don’t have an image of this…

Kind regards, Kay

That’s the image, that is missing above. I could only insert one… new user

Does this only happen when the track is divided?

What do you mean with „track is divided“? Clock division?

Yes, Clock Division. (sorry i do not have on on hand at the moment, i can test after the weekend)

I could partially solve this with the Intellijel support, though not completely. In this example, that I posted, the first step (or better clock pulse) always disappeared, no matter, if with clock division or not. Without clock division, the steppy started directly with the 2nd step and with clock division, the first step is always one clock pulse too short, like in the pictures, that you see. The clock division here is /4, so the first step is only 3 clock pulses long (as I said, 1st step is always missing.
This one could be solved now, by not only resetting the steppy, but also long pressing the RST button (aka panic feature).

The strange thing is only, that I have to do this every time to work properly. Seems, that my steppy always stays on a high gate after pressing reset. But kinda works.

The doubling of the first step however still occurs, when the gate length is set to the shortest possible (1 red light). And only after a reset, so in the 2nd run and thereafter, everything is fine. So when I program a four on the floor beat for example (step 1,5,9,13) with a clock division of /4 and the shortest possible gate, I get the first 2 1/16th notes from step one and then the rest will be ok. I think, that with longer gates, the gates are only like “merged” together, so that I won’t realize it, when the gate length is set to 2. But I’d still have to figure this out.

So I hope, the things, that I’ve written, are not too confusing, if they are, I am happy to post a photo from my mordax DATA or a little video to clear things up.

Found the source of the issue, addressed here!


Awesome! Thanks a lot :pray:

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