Steppy 1.2.3 — Bug Fixes

We pulled out the steppy code for a couple of small tweaks/fixes! (2022-09-20)

  • TWEAK: Changed handling of gate timing on the first pulse after the clock has been stopped. (Will prevent a really long gate when the sequence starts.)
  • TWEAK: Reset sequencer to step 1 on regular preset load.




For the record, what type of USB port is that on the Steppy? I haven’t seen a reference to it.

Micro USB.

Thanks a bunch for the reply. I appreciate it. I’ll assume that micro-B is the ticket.

Thanks also for the updated firmware!


Is there a particular place to register wishlists for future firmware updates?

I would love to have a mode that would be able to clock tracks A and B separately from tracks C and D, using the RESET input as the clock trigger for C and D rather than as a clock reset. That would open up more interesting scope for polyrhythm/polymeter and even self-patching. No idea if this would be easy or hard to add of course!

I will add it to the wishlist, posting requests in relevant threads usually makes it to the wishlist.

Thanks for the suggestion!

(tho, this one might be a bit of a long shot, repurposing RESET and refactoring the clock code would be a bit of an undertaking.)