Steppy 1U/3U v1.2.1

Curious where you saw the reference to USB ISP in regards to Steppy? Do you have a link handy? Just want to make sure there is no misinformation out there.

I think I googled Intellijel update firmware and ended up on this page without much context.

Awesome, thank you. I’ll put some clarifications in there.


Hi, another silly question. I just got the steppy yesterday and am about to attempt to update its firmware but I do have one other question that I’m not sure of after looking at the instructions. Do I do this while it’s hooked up to its case with the power on the case turned on? I ask because it says power it up in bootloader mode which I read is done by holding down the red button, but it wasn’t clear to me if this is to be done without the case and that it would powered through the USB connection. I don’t want to risk it and try anything before I know for sure. Definitely hyped to get this installed today and start composing! Thank you!

It’s powered through the case.

Loving this.

Have you seen Steppy - feature request: add clock multiplication per track by any chance?

Yes, connect the USB to you module and computer while the case is powered off, but still connected to the module. The hold the red button on the module while turning on the case. then hit update!

We see/log all the requests :). Multiplication would require some slightly more drastic internal timing changes, and was out of the scope of this update.

We would consider it again in the future.

Alright. Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks. What do I do if Windows never pops up with the dialogue saying it’s trying to find a driver?

Can I just go ahead and run the Zadig.exe anyway or should I do something else first?

Actually, it says STM32 Bootloader on my USB list. Does this mean I don’t have to run the Zadig.exe? Sorry for my confusion.

Tried to run the updater but it didn’t update. So I figure I have to run Zadig. When I run it I get STTub30 (v3.0.4.0) listed as the current driver for STM32 Bootloader and instead of Install Driver it says Replace Driver. So I will wait before I do that because I don’t want to screw it up since nothing is happening as detailed in the manual.

Extended Windows Instructions here: If there is still issues, contact and they can get back to you tomorrow.

Thanks, and sorry for all the bother. I just wanted to follow up. I ended up trying my friend’s Mac and it seems to have worked like a charm. When I fired it up the lights seem to indicate it is indeed on version 1.2 now. I jammed with this bad boy all yesterday designing evolving odd meter grooves to improvise over with my electric bass getting ready for an upcoming gig with Antibalas and Method Man and WOW. I wrote so many grooves yesterday because of this module. SO happy about it. Thanks again for all the help.



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Whoa… Antibalas and Method Man? Sounds like an amazing gig! Do you have any recordings of this?

Yea man, it should be one hell of a day. Hopefully, it doesn’t rain! It’s an outdoor festival in April… I’m playing with a funky space rock trio but we’ll probably also have a sax player on bari or tenor. I’ve opened for Antibalas a few times and know some of them. A few of the guys I’ve played with over the years either in bands or as a sideman are in Antibalas or were. It’s a very large band lol. However, I’ve never played on a bill with Method Man! I’m very much looking forward to the hang.

Not sure if this is what you mean, but I don’t have any recordings of any of the stuff I worked on this weekend other than crappy phone recordings so I can remember the grooves when I bring them in for rehearsal. However I would like to get serious about recording some of these modular explorations because I’ve never gotten such organic vibes out of synthesizers before in my life. I plan on putting together a live project featuring jazz musicians with modular synthesis. I’d like to also to start incorporating some of these modular sounds into my jungle/dnb productions. Particularly wave folded and FM’d sounds. I produce under the name Ornette Hawkins.

I just got a Pachinko in the mail and am about to hook that up to the Steppy and go nuts. Have a great day and thanks to everybody for helping old me get it upgraded!


That sounds amazing :slight_smile: I’m also pretty into jazz, and am a guitar player. I’ve done a few guitar + modular jams with my guitar teacher on modular and me playing guitar. It’s a lot of fun and can lead to a lot of really unique sounds.

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Love that!!
I’m a bit late to this update, but now this module is really a lil-big beast!
Love you guys, thanks fo that update!
Now is time to glitch something out!



Is there currently a way to get a gate to sustain over multiple steps? Gate length seems to be restricted to one step if I’m not mistaken.