Steppy 1U/3U v1.2.1

Big update for our little module!

  • FIXED: Track Probability is now applied to the current position, and will not randomize individual ratchets.
  • NEW: Latching Loopy mode . When Holding down Loopy steps, tap the SEL button to Latch your loop. Press a step button to release. If you change your Loopy steps, you will need to press SEL to latch them again.
  • NEW: Delayed load . When on the LOAD page, you can hold a preset to have it load when the current pattern reaches its last step on track 1.
  • NEW: Muted tap entry mode . When in TAP Recording Mode, you can press the “PROB” button to toggle muting your taps. The ABCD buttons will turn Yellow to indicate Muted.
  • NEW: Step Edit mode (per-step gate length, delay, probability (and still Ratchets) . This changes the UI for editing ratchets, as you can now edit 3 other parameters.

All the new stuff is covered in the updated manual!

Download the update and the manual here as always:


Question: using the links on the back of tête and tetrapad, is it possible to combine with steppy or scales? These new features for steppy seem to mirror those of the tête sequencer mode. Is there a way to do this and would it even be practical?

I opened a ticket due to some dodgy behavior post-update. So far what I’ve observed:

  • module locks up about 75% of the time when hitting the SEL button
  • all tracks are set to 0 length on boot or when loading a saved patch
  • track probability seems to be set to lowest value for all tracks as well

Seems highly unstable. Sadly I’m away from my modular 'till around 5:30PM CST so I won’t be able to provide any specifics beyond what’s in my ticket (#9794). However despite the issues, I’m really pumped for this firmware, especially per-step probability!

Hhmmm yes, seems to be an issue with preset migration running out of memory when going from older versions pre 1.11.

Headed in to the office now to check it out. will post 1.2.1 today

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The two can not be connected behind the panel, neither Scales or Steppy has the i2c headers that the Tete and Tetrapad use to communicate.

They all play nicely with patch cables though :slight_smile:

Good to know! So I noticed in the update utility preferences there’s an option, something to the effect of “fully erase before updating” or something along those lines. So worst case scenario, provided I was willing to sacrifice the one pattern I had saved, the update might succeed with that option?

Sorry if this caused you an unplanned trip to the office :frowning:

No unplanned trip, just a bit earlier. I’m really sorry but have likely lost your presets.

Couple things to try if you are having problems with 1.2:

  • Try Holding LOAD on boot, it will reset all your presets to blank.
  • Download the previous version 1.11, it will wipe your presets, but will restore functionality.

As i mentioned, 1.2.1 will come today, but may wipe your presets because the new structure is pretty different and the migration seems to be causing the issues here.

If anyone wants to test a fix message me.


No worries here, I care more about the new features than my one preset. I have a recording and it probably wasn’t that brilliant anyway. It will be way more brilliant with per-step probability on the hi-hat pattern :joy_cat:

YES!!! Thanks for this.

OK, I’m only going to post this here, if a couple of you could report back that would be great, I’ll post on the main site again tomorrow (with the windows version)

I’ve tested migrating full presets from 1.0 > 1.2.1 and 1.11 > 1.2.1 and 1.0 > 1.11 > 1.2.1 and all paths were successful.

This updater link includes the old versions of steppy.
Mac only:


No problems on the prairies. :slight_smile: Got it working first try. Only tested latched loopy though.

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do you know what your previous version was?

(and thanks for the quick reply!)

1.11 - I decided to do an incremental update as I was still at 1.0 before today.

great thanks :+1:

No sir. Thank you. Love the implementation of the step edit mode and adding Latch Loopy is bonus phat.


The update alone didn’t cure the issue but blowing away my presets did.

And now to play…

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1.2.1 posted to the site!

Amazing update, step edit is such a huge upgrade! Definitely the most fun per hp in my case right now. For such a dense UI the workflow is surprisingly smooth, too.

Awesome update!

I am running into some unexpected behavior. In the step edit mode, adjusting probability, there is no way to select 12.5%. When selecting a step, the percentage selector is defaulted to the 12.5% location. But still plays at the full 100%.

Entirely possible I’m doing something incorrectly or missing something.

This is the correct behaviour, we need an “off” state, so the lowest option had to be sacrificed.

this is from the manual—

NOTE: When you assign a step’s parameter value to the lowest option, it will instead defer to
the track’s global parameter value for that step, rather than use the minimum parameter value.
For example, no matter what the track’s global probability value is set to, you can override that
value on individual steps by pressing any of the column’s bottom 7 buttons (which correspond to
33, 50, 66, 75, 87.5, and 100% probability). However, if you press the top parameter value
(12.5% in this case), then the step uses the track’s global probability setting rather than 12.5%.

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