Steppy - feature request: add clock multiplication per track

Firstly; I love what you guys do!

I currently own Steppy, Scales and Plonk. Steppy replaced my Varigate 4+ a few months ago, Scales has been in my system for about a week - whilst Plonk has been squatting in my rack for about a year.

So I guess you could say that I’m drinking the kool aid. And so far it tastes great!

There’s just one little thing though… I wish you guys would add clock multiplication to Steppy, in addition to the division-per-track, already present in the firmware.


Well one use-case would be if I wanted to live-record drums at a higher clock (or resolution, if you will) than my melody track…

Say I wanted to do a double-stroke on a kick-drum, like: “Da-dum, dum, chi. Da-dum, dum, chi” (where “dum” is the kick, and “chi” is the snare).

… This is currently not really possible, seeing as whatever you tap in gets aligned to the grid. So whatever micro-timing I record, even if its on the beat, gets lost because the resolution on the track is not there.

That’s fine. I guess I can just double/quadruple the incoming clock, and then divide the clock on my melody track… now the melody track is still at the same clock, and now I have the resolution to record the more complex kick-drum pattern.

But wait! Now everything else in my patch needs to be divided down as well… all modulation sources, sequencers, etc.

Basically it’s a bit of a pain only being able to divide the incoming clock on a track - because typically; the clock that Steppy gets fed is also used for other things in a patch.

… So if you require a higher resolution on one track; you have to jump through hoops to re-align everything else that relies on that same clock, outside of Steppy.

I can understand that this feature doesn’t really align well with the print on the panel. And I can also understand that this feature would require a possibly odd key-combination, and possibly odd feedback to tell the user if the clock of a track is divided or multiplied… but call it a power-user feature?

I hope I’m making sense. English is not my first language, and neither is music theory :slight_smile:

Thanks for listening.

UX wise; one approach could be holding in the “CLK÷” button to toggle between dividing and multiplying.

Divide mode: (default) LED on.
Multiply mode: LED flashing.