Steppy 1.11

Just a small transport update for Steppy (1U/3U)


  • Switch between RESET Mode (Original) and New RUN Mode — Toggled by Holding RST (Save) on boot.
    • Your setting will save across boots
    • On the SEL page, you’ll see the RST LED lit up yellow if RUN mode is enabled.
  • Resets (on both modes) now compensate for a RESET or RUN gate that comes a few milliseconds after the rise of a clock pulse— i.e. when the clock is still high —firing step 1 immediately. This has tested well with Resets that come from modules/sources other than the original clock. If it was working before it should still work great.
  • On RUN Mode, the sequencer will only advance when the RST Input has a High Gate. Steppy will also reset when the RUN gate goes high.
  • Manually pressing RST from the SEL page will now immediately reset to step one rather than waiting for the next clock pulse.

Note: We are still considering additional sequencer features, transport control updates was one of the most requested


I just wrote a message about Steppy (1u) shift function which I use to fit the start of Steppy with other sequencer so ste 1 is the same on all the sequencers. When using shift the visual representation also moves… the makes programming a bit odd… Does this firmware solve the problem and does Steppy start at the first pulse?? Thanks. BTW a fine tool for me as a sequencer fan… Cheers, Jurgen

Did you try the update? can you send a video or link of a video to if you still have issues?

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Updated to final release 1.11

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