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Shifty 1.11 Beta — Continuous Track and Switch Mode


Testing a couple new options on Shifty as suggested by Forum users :slight_smile:

First up, Manual / Sequential Switch Mode

  • Toggle Switch Mode: Hold RESET for 1 second
  • The LED for the selected output channel will stay lit
  • Press the RESET button or input a trig/gate into RESET to select the output
  • Respects your Voice and Order Settings
  • When Voices: SR is selected, your inputs are passed to all 4 outputs
  • Setting to TRK is Continuous Track in this mode (not Track & Hold)

Second, Continuous Tracking vs Track & Hold

  • Toggle Continuous Tracking: Set switch to TRK, hold GATE and RESET for 1 second
  • When Continuous Tracking is enabled, the Gate LED will stay lit when switch is set to TRK
  • Setting saves to flash across reboots
  • No effect on Sample & Hold mode

Let us know what you think!

Beta Firmware Updater for macOS

Can Shifty be a manual switch?

<puts on jacket, gets in car to drive to Patchwerks and buy a Shifty…>

Thanks! You guys are great.


:ok_hand: This switching mode is so much fun. Well done!


Is there a link for a Windows updater?


Just mac for now, will get it into the windows updater when we finalize the code/manual. Shouldn’t be long.


Got my Shifty, installed the new firmware, hooked up the Keystep, and life is good controlling multiple voices on demand. One keyboard to rule them all (well, 4 of them anyway). Works great! Thanks! The unison mode is also turning out to be quite fun…