Shifty 1.11 — Continuous Track and Switch Mode

The Update Instructions in the Firmware Updater Application walk you through the process:

4. Hold down the button on the rear of the module and turn on power to your modular system.

Thank you.
I could not find that information anywhere.
It’s not in the firmware update ZIP file “Read Me”.
And it’s not in any Shifty manual. (how to enter bootloader mode)
Perhaps it’s buried, only until you open the updater app ?
Maybe add that info to Shifty manual, or the “Read Me” in the firmware ZIP file.

Thanks, I’ll try it now.
(5 minutes later)…
Log says, "…updated successfully " (v1.12)
Yes, the specific instructions you mentioned, are inside the “Intellijel Firmware Updater App”, not in the manual or the “Read Me”.

I have Shifty set up to Continuous Tracking via TRK mode (by pressing & holding the red and gray buttons until the red LED lights up.) I have the switch at the top set to cycle through the voice outputs (set to 4). I have random CV going into the CV input and steady clock going into the Gate input. I have Voice 3 out patched an oscillator pitch input.

As I understand it, what should happen is when a gate is received and Voice 2 switches to Voice 3 the CV will pass through Voice 3 and to the oscillator until another gate is received and switches Shifty’s output to Voice 4.

This works, but the switching happens on the falling edge of the gate, not the rising edge, so with a 50/50 duty cycle gate Shifty switches from Voice 2 to Voice 3 too early.

Here’s a video demonstrating what is happening… Dropbox - Shifty.mp4 - Simplify your life

Yeah that looks like it could be a bug, I will log an issue. The behaviour is based on the other modes, where the switch would happen on the falling edge to avoid any discontinuities when rising.

We’ll try to review soon.