Metropolix and Gx

Yes, I see it now. i didn’t notice the subtle change in brightness. But now that i see it, I SEE IT!! Thanks for your help. I can’t remember a time when I’ve enjoyed a new module (or piece of hardware for that matter) more so than the metropolix. You guys knocked it out of the ballpark, as the phrase goes.

Thanks again for your help!

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I have a new feature request: for Gx Expander

Assign mod lanes to each Gx output. the actual modulation/CV i mean. It would be a freakishly amazing feat to have that extra megaload of control to mod filters/vca etc. Or… the ability to mix and match CV and clock/stages. This would in theory, turn the metropolix into a 6-10 track sequencer.

The expander does not support CV, only gates on/off so not possible

Exactly, Gx stands for “gate expander”

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that makes sense. well, maybe an Mx expander could someday be a thing. as in, “modLane expander”

i just logged in here to suggest this exact same thing. Would love a simple AD envelope on the mod outs that could be assigned to track 1 or 2

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You could kind of achieve this via the Out A or Out B assigning the CV track that is synchronized with Track 1 or 2, or by assigning one of the 8 Mod lanes. You can design the level and length of the Attack/Decay (or even sustain/hold) via those lanes. Only down side is it is limited to linear attack/decay responses. Otherwise just use the Gx outputs to trigger an external envelope on a Quadrax or other envelope generator for more control of the envelope design.


Amazing thanks so much for the tip going to try this now :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m a new Metropolix user and wanted to ask you all if it’s possible to send just one trigger ONCE (either using the A,B of Gx Expander outputs) at the beginning of a newly loaded preset? I haven’t yet figured it out reading the manual.

(I’m just trying to find a way to trigger a sequential switch to do a bigger “state change” in the system when I choose a new pattern on the Metropolix.)

I have recently taken an interest in this topic in conjunction with loading banks on Pamela’s New Workout in sync with Metropolix preset changes. If you set CV A or B to First Pulse, that could do what you want, but not if you’re using Total Pulses on your presets, for example. If you’re using Total Pulses, you will get a trigger at the A/B out every time the sequence resets back to the beginning, not just when you change presets.

I don’t ever use LEN > Pulses but apparently if any of your tracks are set to something other than Auto, this will also send a trigger to the A/B out with First Pulse. However, now that I’m reading about it more (p. 106), this part of the manual is a little unclear to me (without trying it out):

So if Global Reset is off for a Track, and LEN > Pulses is something other than Auto, apparently a trigger will not be sent to OUT A/B using First Pulse, but I assume the Track still resets though?

First Pulse is probably what you are after, and probably from Track 1. First Pulse will fire when the Track resets, either by Global Reset (Button, RESET Jack, or Total Pulses), or when the Track LEN>Pulses length is reached (will not trigger on Auto).

EDIT: To clarify, there is not a specific trigger for Preset Load.

No. If Global reset is turned off for a track, then the track will not reset when the Reset button is pressed, or the Reset Jack has a gate, and since it did not cause the track to reset, it will not fire the First Pulse trigger on a Global Reset.

If your LEN>Pulses is set, then your track will reset on that counter, and fire First Pulse, since your track is resetting itself.

Simpler: First Pulse fires on the first pulse of a track, If the track is reset, it will fire. If the track is not reset, it will not fire.

Thank you both for your input!

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I just did the upgrade to 1.3.4 and am having difficulty with pattern chaining. I have read the manual again but can’t work out what is going wrong. My settings are:

Setup menu: Total Pulses 16;
Preset > Advanced: Queue Pulses 16
Track 1: Pulses AUTO

I have saved a pattern into Green 7; then changed it and saved it into Green 8.

When doing a quick chain with 1 repetition of G7 and 1 of G8, the pattern chain doesn’t seem to kick in. If I alter the sliders when it’s playing it plays one loop of the new pattern then reverts to what was stored in the original pattern.

Is this user error, a known issue or a bug?

I just tested with the same settings on the same preset bank/number, it’s working here.

Couple things to check:

  • On the Preset Chain screen you should see the little Play icon jumping between the two presets every 16 steps as well as the Chain icon flashing in the bottom left.
  • If you want it to load Pitch (Slider) and Switch positions this also needs to be enabled in the Preset Setup menu.

Can you shoot a video to if you are still having issues?

Small update—


When I suggested the ADSR on out A/B it wasn’t because I didn’t have modules that could do it, but rather it would be a more elegant solution to voice creation. I had mentioned that you can do limited service with the mod lanes, but being able to have fully functional envelope generators, removing excess modules in the audio path, would just be useful, and seems like it should be capable from the hardware side of the metropolix with a bit of code porting. Definitely not the end of the world though.


Is there an accumulator setting somewhere that will let my pattern run a certain amount of times before transposing it up.

I’m picturing my pattern or loop playing 16 times for example, and then it will shift the whole pattern up, like the TRACK mode does in the ACCUM LIM settings but not after every play, after a pre determined amount of loops. It could then play that new transposed pattern another 16 times and shift up again.

Maybe this already exists, and I dont know about it. But if it doesn’t, could you implement it please?

Also would there be a workaround to do this manually? Would I use the pitch pre to change this? Or does accum work differently?

Hi guys,

Is there a way to edit the slider (pitch) step by step without the module running? I’d love to be able to do that: trigger a stage by hitting the corresponding button while editing the pitch. apology if that exists already

Loopy when not running does this, I think?