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Metropolis 1.36


Hmmm… that’s no good. You should probably e-mail support@intellijel.com.


Version 1.36 beta is now available:


It fixes two bugs:

  • Module would fail to start properly if a preset was saved with external clock mode (thanks @codydjango)
  • First stage pulse count was always 1 after reset (thanks Icaro Ferre!)


That’s fast work! Thanks @kamil and @ScottMFR


Really would appreciate an update/fix on DI/DO implementation, allowing a faster speed to the clock output than to the internal sequencer.
Not sure if this earlier request was essentially ignored, or potentially still in the cards…


I may still do this, but the priority right now is fixing any outstanding bugs. The DI/DO behaviour has always worked the way it is now, and changing it would risk breaking some other timing related things so I’m hesitant to tweak it until everything else is settled.


Meant to mention external sync now works with Div In set to over 11


Great, thanks for checking!


1.36 is now the official release and is downloadable for both Mac and Windows on https://intellijel.com/firmware-updates


fantastic news!!


So far it’s working like a dream! Thanks a lot!


Glad to hear!