Metropolis : Clock and Sync outputs feature suggestion


I wanted to bump the Metropolis 1.36 thread but since this version is the official release since February 18 I created a new topic for features that perhaps might come in a new firmware.

It’s essentially about extended control over the Clock and Sync outputs.

Concerning the Clock output, the idea has already been proposed at the time of release 1.36 :

I have nothing to add to what Hanz said, I would love to see this feature implemented !

And along with this idea of using Metropolis as an advanced master clock, I wonder if the behavior of the Sync output could be set up to behave independantly from the sequence length.
That would be a simple division of the internal clock : for example Sync generating a trigger every 16 pulses that can be used as a reset for other modules, wether Metropolis plays 8, 16, 32 (etc) pulses before resetting itself internally.
I have been using Sync as a reset signal for drum sequencing modules, but if I want to extend the Metropolis sequence over 2 bars and shift the number of Pulses in Fixed mode from 16 to 32, my reset signal is also divided by two and my drum pattern changes completely. I am using a clock divider just for this reset signal every 16 pulses, I would be glad not to have to.

I’m aware these features represent a significant amount of work, but in my opinion they would lift up the already ace Metropolis to a whole new level !

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