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Metropolis 1.36


Does it make a difference whether it’s with Internal or External Clock?


Heya fam!
Just leaving a Metropolis functionality suggestion here for any potential firmware updates in 2019/beyond:
Using the encoder to set slider/note value along with prev/next buttons.
For example: Hit “next” button, dial in the note on the encoder, push encoder to “set” and repeat as needed. Could also use similar encoder functionality along with the sliders. Touch which slider you want to change and this allows you to dial it the note value via encoder turning. Push encoder to set.
Metropolis is by far my favorite sequencer of all time though sometimes I find myself wanting to use the encoder to enter note values.
Food for thought!
Keep up the great work!



This is with external clock, since I’m clocking and reseting from an external source. Do you want me to try sending a reset while on internal clock?
I forgot to mention that the Metropolis resets correctly, but also triggers a gate.

By the way, I didn’t get a notification of your reply. That’s why I’m replying 5 days later.