Intellijel 1U IO Confusion

We get a fair number of inquiries to tech support with confusion regarding how to use and connect the case jacks to our 1U modules, so this video was made to clear things up and provide an overview of the options.

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The X Y module ? When was that announced ? Does it make the signal output balanced ???

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Hasn’t been yet.

I think it’s a stereo sum

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There should be an official announcement on XY pretty soon with more information. Basically it’s a pass-through with a twist.

On the front are two TRS jacks, and on the back are 3x 3-pin jumpers. X feeds the top jumper, Y feeds the bottom jumper, and the middle jumper is shared between X & Y. This means that you can use X and/or Y with the top/bottom jumpers as a stereo input or output to connect to Mixup, or as a Send/Return with Pedal IO. Or you could use X & Y as a send/return with the middle jumper for Pedal IO, or as a left/right input/output with Mixup.


No summing involved, just a passive breakout of the 3-pin cables used by some of our modules, as Scott described above

I used that term wrong. I meant as it’s combining audio inputs into an output, but maybe I’m wrong.

Very clever design.

I’m gonna have to see the use cases/combinations to understand what XY is. If it makes pedal IO stereo I’m intrigued.

Smart design.

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No, it would not make Pedal IO stereo.

One common scenario would be to connect a stereo input from a desktop synth that uses 1/8" TRS like a Korg Volca to the Chain input on a Mixup.


Could you use XY as a passthrough to the four jacks on a 7U case? ie. X goes to one pair of 1/4" jacks, and Y goes to the second pair?

Yes, would just pass through, but X would be 1/8" TRS (not super useful for direct patching in modular, but you could split it with a ⅛" Insert cable (TRS to TS/TS splitter).

Using Two X/Y modules you would get 1:1 1/4" Case Jacks to 1/8" Mini Jacks (Unbalanced, TS)


I have a question. I ordered the newer Audio Jacks board so I can connect my Mixup to it. Would I still be able to chain 2 Mixup modules together and still have the output connected to the Audio Jack Board?

Yes, you would chain one Mixup into the other, then chain the second Mixup into the Audio Jacks board. This will send the final mix of the second mixup to your outputs.

Nice, now if I can only find that 3pin link cable…

Apologies if this is answered elsewhere…could you use the X/Y IO to connect to the 1u output module? I have a palette and have the 1u output to make use of the 1/4" jack outs. If I added the XY via 3-pin at the back, would this effectively add another pair of inputs for the 1u Out? Or am I best off just swapping out the 1u Out to get the 1u mixer?

The rear 3-pin header on Stereo Line Out 1U is an output, not an input. It’s there to connect to the Headphones 1U so you don’t have to patch both. It would be possible to connect it to the middle jumper of XY to get another 1/8" LR output pair.

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Gotcha. Thanks. 1U mixer it is then :slight_smile:

I have a 7U case, a Stereo Mixer 1U and a Headphone 1U. Optimally, I’d like to route the Stereo Mixer’s output to a pair of the case’s ¼” jacks (easy) AND be able to monitor the Stereo Mixer’s output via the Headphone 1U. Can this be wired up somehow? Maybe in conjunction with the XY module? Is the (simple) answer to keep the Headphone L+R front panel jacks patched to the Stereo Mixer’s front panel jacks?

Or… Am I thinking about this all wrong? Thanks!


Yep, this is the way. There is only 1 output header on the back of the Stereo Mixer.


This is the way. :wink: