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7U Performance Case Update


Anyone know of 7U 104 gig bag availability in the US? Need one for a gig on the 20th but I can’t seem to find one. It would be 45 bucks to ship it direct from Canada, I’d rather not but will if I have to. I totally understand why it would cost that much, I’m sure the box is big. But I don’t have to like it :smile:



Kudos to Intellijel for the “behind the curtain” insight into manufacturing and availability in this thread.

I actually think that the majority of eurorack manufacturers are unwittingly following a very old “legacy” style of marketing and communication when it comes to the availability of their products.

Nowadays there’s very little to be gained by hiding things. The more your users know, the more they’re likely to stick it through and make a purchase. I think the old style stemmed from a scenario where a user wanted to make a storefront purchase but the store was too risk averse to maintain inventory and at the same time a commissioned sales rep wanted to lock the user into a “back order” of something without having any earthly idea what the manufacturing status of it was (in order to make their recognition-of-revenue or commission)… Sad face.

Personally, I’m done with my legacy “local synth store” and I’m just watching this thread. And clicking refresh.



I think Patchwerks or Control Voltage may have bought some, but I’m not sure. You’re right that the shipping cost is mostly due to volume. The bag is almost as big as the case when packaged, for obvious reasons :slight_smile:



We do our best to let people know when things are available. Realistically we don’t usually know ourselves till we have it in hand. A lot of it depends on the manufacturers we are using for the various parts (I think there’s 2 or 3 local shops involved for different parts of the cases) and they can’t always give us a reliable estimate either because they depend on suppliers or might have other higher priority orders come in. I think that’s just life for small scale manufacturing.

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Patchwerks has the 84hp but not the 104. So close! Are dealers not ordering them or are you still in production on the next round? If you’re not at liberty to say then I understand. +1 on your transparency with us customers! It’s much appreciated :metal:

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We definitely have a lot of bags here, it’s up to the dealers to order them. If more people contact them and ask for it they’re more likely to do that, or you can just order direct from us.

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I’ll add another +1 thanks to the Intellijel folks keeping us updated in this thread. I just sold my 4U case to finance upgrading to the 7U Performance case, which means I have nothing to mount my modules in at the moment, and I won’t settle for any other case. I’ll be the other guy repeatedly hitting the refresh button in here :slight_smile:



While I wait, I’ve found it entertaining and productive to try to figure out how to use the 1U row on the upcoming case. I have no use for MIDI or the 1/4" output jacks sadly, so this is the 1U row configuration I’ll be aiming for:

(Currently own about 60% of these modules, a couple of which are sitting in their boxes as there’s no room in my current rack.)

btw this is the only commercially available case on the market that can handle this payload at 6/7u, as far as I can tell.



hey sorry if this has been addressed already, just hoping to confirm: on this next batch of cases is the midi on the left and audio on the right?



Looking from the top of the case (at the modules) yes… that way it matches the logical flow left to right most people tend to think of.

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FYI: Big City Music (U.S.) has 104hp silver in stock. Ordered one today and received shipping notice.



Ha. I just ordered one from them as well. The site says they are sold out now, so I think we got the last 2 in their stock.
Funny thing is, I came across it by accident just browsing their modular collection. It didn’t show up in any searches. Their SEO guy needs to step it up :wink:



Any updates ?? My world is about to come to an end as my current rack is full and I need a new case ! :slight_smile:



Control Voltage has some in stock now: https://instagram.com/p/BgrjsN7HYgL/



When will Intellijel have more Black or Silver 7U 104hp Performance Cases available for sale? What is the wait time? I have a slew of homeless modules waiting for their home. Thanks



Hi – any word yet on when these will be shipping to retailers? It’s been about 7 weeks since I first enquired. Really looking forward to getting one (or two)!



We’re shipping them as fast as we can make them.

It’s hard to update stock on the forum, the shipping department doesn’t monitor the forums, and we can’t monitor all the outgoing shipments.

Best to get notified by your favourite retailers, many have wish lists or notification options on out of stock products on their websites, you can also email them, to get on a waitlist.

You can also use something like changedetection.com to monitor a retailers page for changes



I’ve been “watching my favorite retailers” for many many weeks. If you are really “shipping them as fast as you can make them”, then I would have certainly seen some come and go. Which I haven’t.

Can you tell us how many you are making? Can you give us an ETA on when my fave retailers will get some? I have “notify” alerts set on 5 online stores…

I don’t mean to be snarky, but maybe you guys should consider increasing your production capacity. Obviously these cases are desired by many people - for good reason I’m sure!



Some have come and gone… Control Voltage had some for a bit, and there have been some available in the UK.

Intellijel are clearly suffering from a success disaster. Make a product that every one wants and all of a sudden you’re a bad guy if you can’t meet demand.

I’ll admit I’m as frustrated as the next guy, (especially since I have an order in with a retailer that doesn’t offer real time inventory updates on their web site), but patience will be rewarded.

The only problem with this situation is that rarity can cause hoarding. In fact I’m thinking of getting two as soon as they are available so I don’t have to go through this again in 6 months.



Yeah, success is a bitch LOL! Intellijel, sorry if I came off snarky, it’s just after the Tetrapad fiasco of last year I’m frustrated. I appreciate that you guys create such fabulous modules, and I’ll always go for quality over quantity.

I looked real hard after I posted this and found one at Sweetwater, so I feel better now.

FWIW, I now own two Tetrapads, and they get daily use. A really wonderful addition to the Euro landscape.

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