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7U Performance Case Update


Fine… And here I am sitting waiting for some to get delivered to Moog so I can get mine…



:pray:Thanks :slight_smile:






You’ve got the Moog problem too, huh? Intellijel have done a good job of keeping everyone updated, but anyone in this thread who has to deal with Moog on a regular basis is automatically 20% more frustrated as a baseline than anyone south of the border.

I stopped ordering from them last year as a silent protest over their website and general customer experience. The shopping and ordering experience at Control is so much better I actually didn’t mind biting the customs bullet a couple of times, and I’ve even gotten something shipped to me while on vacation in California from Control Voltage Portland. I tried ordering from them again when I got back and USPS took a month to get my module from Portland to Montreal. So that’s done.

So I planned to support Intellijel because they’re also in Canada and ordering should be easy and customs-free only to discover Moog will probably get 7U stealth cases before Intellijel’s own website… Yet I may miss them at Moog because I don’t feel like emailing them every day. :neutral_face:



I have been generally happy with the customer experience with them. The fact that they don’t have a modern eCommerce site is certainly a drag, but a) they run a brick and mortar shop that is within driving distance + free (and fast and customs free) shipping for most things makes up for it for me.

I have a pre-order in with them for a stealth case so I don’t need to worry about missing availability, although I am a bit paranoid about the length of the pre-order list, my position on it and the number of cases they will get when to make the experience unpleasant.

I considered ordering from Sweetwater, but the shipping costs to Canada are like eek !!!



Moog is horrible for perpetuating preorder culture. Back in the 90s and 00s, “preordering” was just called “ordering” and it meant the retailer either had the thing you were interested in, or if they didn’t they could get it for you. In 2018, “preordering” just means “we have no fucking idea about this and we’re not willing to assume any responsibility or risk, but give us your money anyway.” Everything from Moog Audio is “preorder now” not “we’re taking responsibility, we stand behind the products we distribute and we’re acting in your favour to bring you the best.”

Not good enough for me.



To wit: nobody should have to be “paranoid about their position on Moog’s preorder list” (to paraphrase your post). Intellijel my credit card is ready. Let’s cut out the middle man here.



So at this point is ordering direct from Intellijel the only way to get a 104hp performance case bag in the U.S.? Any third party vendors selling them? Shipping from Canada is nearly half the price of the bag…



SwainVoorman… a quick search online found these:

Vintage King

Control Voltage

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Hey, great, thanks! Of course, i’ve been doing searches through a range of vendors but didn’t find anything. Surprised Control Voltage in particular didn’t pop up when I was looking.



Vintage King have stealth cases in stock, and Control have a pre-order available for delivery early May.



Any news yet re: silver cases shipping to suppliers yet? In the three months since I first posted here asking about supply of these, their have been two shipments as far as I can tell (Big City Music and Control, I think?), which sold out faster than I was able to grab one.

Hoping that you’ve got a really big batch coming out soon!



Just got mine (stealth) from rubadub. Looks beautiful + thanks for putting jacks on the right side of the case!



Vintage King have silver in stock

Doesn’t anyone know where we can find a black one?



No, the site has listed the Silver ones as ‘More On The Way!’ for months now.



7U 84hp cases seem anecdotally more available. I gave up on 104hp and bought 84hp a couple weeks ago.

It’s a lovely case, plain and simple. I’m so so happy. I don’t regret the smaller size one bit, it’s forced me to think more about system design, what I’m okay with the system not doing, and whether my modules acceptably answer for their hp in terms of functionality.

René is looking pretty nervous right now, but not for long, I’m so happy with the Intellijel case I’m going to get an 84hp skiff for controllers and sequencers.

84hp for your health!

Oh and the power supply immediately resolved digital module noise issues I didn’t know I could fix.

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Wish the 84hp came in black!!!



And yes, this is the other thing I needed to change about my mentality. My studio is our dining room. Black looks really menacing, the only thing that looks good is the MK1 Elektrons because they’re mostly benign and kind of matte. I had my heart set on black 104hp but in my current space it would look like some jerk trance producer was subletting our place on Airbnb.

Silver 7U 84hp. My spouse bought me a weird plant like a cactus to go with it, I’m telling you something is going right here.



I agree 100%
2 x 7U 84hp and 1 4U/84 is the sweet spot for me.
I currently have a 7 and a 4 in 84hp but will have 2 x7U and a 4U eventually, and after playing live with the 7 and 4, I’m sure I’d rather have those 3 than 2 x 7U 104hp cuz you can put the skiff out front and keep the 7U’s smaller for travel.
Sure you have the 4U to move as well now but for me that’s better than the big cases getting bigger, both in transit and at the show.



Howdy. Can we have a status update on the 7U cases please? Its been months since I ordered one at this point.