7U Performance Case Update

One of the most frequently received questions we receive to our support email is about when the 7U 104hp cases will be ready. So here’s the latest news:

We have actually received all of the cases and many of them have already been assembled. At this point we are just waiting for production of the new power supply to complete. The new power supply is a 104hp wide version of the TPS80 that will provide more headers for use in the wider case.


:pray: so excited about this.

My entire life is building up to the moment this case is available.

Will the cool black gig bags be released at the same time? One issue with the 7U cases is having all the inputs exposed on the outside. Some of us live in countries where it rains a lot!


It seems the bags will be a bit later than the cases, due to the supplier being slow. They look awesome though (much nicer than what we brought to NAMM and Superbooth) :slight_smile:

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Any idea of how long it should take for these then ?
Also looking forward to getting the bag/cover to be able to easily bring my case with me :).

“these” being the cases or the bags? The case situation I already explained in the first post. Bags will be a couple of months.

Yeah, the bags. I’m using an Ikea bag now when I’m moving my case around so a proper bag will be a welcome addition :slight_smile:

haha same here, ikea ftw

I realise this is totally subjective… But doesn’t anyone else feel like the positions of midi and audio jacks on the 7U case are the wrong way round?

Like I would naturally conceptualise signal flow as ending on the right. So having the audio outs on the right makes more sense to me.

I mean this isn’t a deal breaker, or really a criticism. I’m just wondering if it’s just me!

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To be honest I’ve never really noticed till you pointed it out now, it would probably make sense the other way around, but of course it’s too late to change that now.

Like I say, not a criticism. It’s possibly also because my audio interface is to the right of where my case sits.

I’ve never tried but I’m assuming the cables on the 1U audio and midi modules are long enough for them to positioned at the opposite end of the row from their outputs?

Not the ones that ship with the modules, but it’s easy enough to make your own. We have one customer who did this because they stacked a second case upside down and wanted to have both midi and audio modules next to each other.

Any update on manufacturing on these and when they might be in stock in the UK? :slight_smile:

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Perhaps the case gods would consider a 7U 126hp case… :slight_smile:

Pretty unlikely as they’d be too big, and also wouldn’t fit in an airplane overhead compartment.

The way-ay-ting is the hard-est part.


What’s the price of this unit and when will it be available (more or less)?


really looking forward to a new case. :metal:

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Ok finally some good news!

The issue with the PSU has been resolved and we will get them in two days. We can then FINALLY put together the completed 7U x 104HP cases and begin shipping.

If you are local you can probably come this week to pick one up.


Hurray!! Very excited