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7U Performance Case Update


Agreed - it would have been better IMHO that the handle be less bulky/folding to streamline the size of the overall case.



We actually did try out a number of folding handles but didn’t like the design of any of the ones we sampled. The handle that’s there was the best choice. It’s pretty easy to remove by just taking out the bolts (and nuts on the inside).



Hi – when will the 7U 104HP silver cases be back in stock with you and other retailers (Control Voltage etc.)? Cheers!

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I just saw a post on muffwiggler stating that the black 104HP stealth cases will be available again in March. Can someone confirm this? I’ll be almost ready for a case upgrade around the end of March, so this would be good news. Thanks in advance.

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Also looking for an ETA on 7U 104HP Silver in the USA? I have a pretty imminent requirement and this would be my preferred case but will have to find alternative if its not going to be available?

Anyone selling one one good condition?

thx, Brian



I’m pretty sure I saw them being built in the factory yesterday, maybe @HARGOW can confirm?



Yep, shipping this week to dealers again, had some part shortages, but those are resolved.

You can also order from our web store, DHL shipping to the USA is very fast.

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How about the black stealth cases?



A little bit still, hard to put a firmer ETA on those just yet.

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Any update on whether cases have been shipped to stores? i don’t see any availability online yet?



Hi, just new to eurorack and so I don’t know all the history of this case – the new version being built now / coming soon… how different is it from stock that is in stores now (my local MOOG store has a stealth 104hp case in stock currently)? Besides the audio outs being on the right instead of left? Should I wait? The 7U 104HP case is what I’m set on, it’s just a matter of if the “new version” is worth waiting for. thanks :slight_smile:

edit: is what I’m asking the difference between… the 7U case and the 7U “performance” case models?



There’s no difference argfargl. The only 7U cases are the performance cases, but they come in 84HP and 104HP, black and silver.



Ah cool, thanks! :smiley:



there are differences from earlier cases designs.
from intellijel:
“The metal work for the new lids is a bit different. The sheet metal does not overlap and there are slots cut into it that the corner parts mount into…”
"…The corners are a new part we had custom made (injection molded) and was first used on the Stealth cases which was also our most recent product run…"
"…The black cases are the first ones we used them on and now we will use them for the silver cases to keep manufacturing simple i.e. only one style of lid and just color it differently."

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Are the cases sold out again? I don’t see any in the web store, nor with US retailers. edit: I mean sold out since the update two weeks ago in this thread saying they were being shipped to retailers.

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I stand corrected! Where did you see that?



Muffwiggler, the thread about the cases




That makes it sound like they are available now in the web store. The web store still says they’re sold out (checked yesterday).



They will be up on our web store as soon as the ones for dealer backorders have been built and shipped.



It would be really appreciated if you could let us know when they end up shipping to dealers, so I can pester my local synth store as to availability :slight_smile: