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7U Performance Case Update


I see Control in Brooklyn has some of the 104hp 7U cases in black “stealth”. Is this a limited run thing or will they be readily available? They look great black! :sunglasses:

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Got my black stealth case the other day and love it! One thing I would like to have is something similar to the case joiners that would allow the case to stand upright at like an 80% angle. Any thing like that in the works?

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Got my stealth case too! I love it. I cant wait to get a soft case(but waiting until dealers recieve some).

The shipping with DHL was amazing, crazy good prices for next day shipments of a rather large box. Seems unreal

Question… How worried should I be about scratching the surface of the aluminum? Currently im being super careful but im wondering if it would mark up from simple things like putting the lid in a pile with my other lids at a show ect.



The 7U Stealth is bad ass.

Got mine last week and have it loaded up. Quality is outstanding. DHL shipping was very fast and reasonable.

Very impressed.



This is probably answered somewhere else but I haven’t found it. Is the 7U 104 case still within carry-on size with the bag? I’m thinking mainly about the US airlines, FAA regulations. I know they’re supposed to be lenient if its a musical instrument but that doesn’t always work.



It does fit in the airline baggage tester thing at the airport. So far I’ve flown with it to LA for NAMM, New York, and Berlin for Superbooth without any issues.

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Any ETA on when these will be back in stock with EU dealers? Cheers




Just got my second 7U 104 case and was sooooo chuffed to find that the audio jacks and midi jacks have been swapped so the audio is on the right as you look at the case. I know this is the definition of a first world problem but it just feels so right having them there and means I can just use a short cable from my mixer to the output rather than having to loop it around the case handle.

Signal flows from left to right. The outputs are on the right. So happy.

I’m going to egotistically assume this was entirely because of my comment above. :+1:



Jealous, mine is the other way - but I just made my own cables so the modules are the right way around, even if the jacks aren’t.



Yes agree signal flow should have been part of the design decision for the first run of these cases.



when can we expect to see these new versions (preferably black :D) on EU retailers?



curious if I can mount a 2nd 7U 104HP case upside down so the 1U is on the bottom row of the second stack?



You would have to remove the handle on one, but the latches on the top are the same as the ones on the bottom so the joiners would fit.

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nice! does anyone have the dimensions of a 104 case with the latches attached? would like to know how much depth it adds to the case.



Any idea when we can expect Black Stealth cases to be available again ??



I would also like to know. I ordered one through a retailer one month ago and it seems the retailer hasn’t been able to get a hold of Intellijel. I’m sure this last month with NAMM was a busy a time. A quick check-in from Intellijel would be much appreciated.



I got these dimensions from ModularSquare
Outside dimensions with lid: 312 mm x 165 mm x 546 mm
Outside dimensions without lid: 312 mm x 83 mm x 546 mm

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  1. Does anyone have any experience replacing the handle with something else? Either a strap like on the top of a guitar amp or a folding handle of some kind?
  2. It’s still a Meanwell AC adaptor but I had heard that this was a new version that now works with Make Noise Rene. Does anybody know?

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Good question. I’d like to know the answer to this as well.