7U Performance Case Update

Hey guys, Schneidersladen (German store) seems to have some grey cases in stock. Ordered mine today and no issues so far!

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Any word on Canadian stock other than at Nightlife Electronics? I’ve had a pre-order up at Moog Audio in Montreal for nearly 6 months. Nightlife Electronics has been restocked on these cases twice in that time. Granted, they’re just a short drive from Intellijel HQ. Didn’t want to risk cancelling my pre-order at Moog Audio and hoping I got my refund in time to buy one of the very few at Nightlife before they sold out.

How long did it take them to ship? I tried ordering one yesterday morning but still haven’t seen a shipping notice.

Damn, this sucks to hear… I too am waiting on an order from Moog Audio. Wonder why they aren’t getting stock?

Nightlife Electronics’ recent restock was fairly large. So, if Intellijel did get a lot of stock out the door for backorders then Moog’s would most certainly be delayed. The highways are washed out and have been since November 13th. Any shipments to Montreal from Vancouver would more than likely go ground.

I’ve asked at Moog Audio to see if they’ve even received shipping notice of stock but I’ve heard nothing back. Nightlife Electronics, I assume, deals directly with Intellijel being that they are in very close proximity to them. Moog Audio might go through a distributor which would add more delays and less transparency.

This is all speculation but likely not too far off the mark. It would also be challenging and headache-inducing for Intellijel themselves to provide transparent updates. They probably deal with a lot of different endpoints for shipping out their stock. My inquiries are just hoping to get some information even if it’s a little vague.

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Just ordered my silver 104 Performance case from Perfect Circuit!

ETA - they are in stock


Lol! Right after I ordered mine from Germany! Figures. At least one is on the way for me now :slight_smile:

Damn it! I just realized that the PSU won’t work in North America :((( Sheisse! It will be the wrong plug type for the wall ./facepalm

Wow, Just popped in this forum to check the status of these performance cases.

I have on order two black (stealth) performance cases 104hp 7u. I ordered these in February, now 11 months ago from Perfect Circuit. I can’t believe I’ve actually held on this long.

I got so impatient at the six-month point, I ordered two additional 104hp performance cases from Chuck Levins while they were actually in stock.
My plan is to sell the silver cases when the black cases arrive.

From what I’m reading above it doesn’t appear availability is getting any better.

At this point I feel like it’s a marathon I just can’t quit, and honestly I’m not even sure why I need these dang black cases so bad. :joy:

I had no idea how lucky I was when I placed my order with Perfect Circuit in December 2020 and got my silver 104/7U a month later. I think I would have been seriously discouraged from modular if I couldn’t have gotten that exact case…actually, I probably would have gotten a Blackhole case.

Have the black Intellijel cases had much lower production runs?

Silver 104hp performance cases in stock right now at Perfect Circuit!


the PSU works fine anywhere, you just need the right IEC cable to plug into the wallwart. Should be available at most hardware stores or you might just have one laying around.

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Mine was shipped the same day I ordered it and took less than a week to arrive (Spain). No issues

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So all these other shops are getting stock, but not Moog? What gives?

Thanks for the reply Kamil! I ended up ordering one directly from Intellijel along with a Dopp Bag :). A spare PSU will come in handy for shows.

Thanks for the heads up about PC, everyone! I too had a preorder for the black case going back 6 months but just decided to jump ship on it and go for the sure thing with the silver since they don’t have THAT many silver cases and don’t know when the black ones will come in. Just glad to finally have this beautiful case on the way and end this period of compulsively refreshing each vendor page every 4 hours. I was getting serious flashbacks to trying to find toilet paper during the lockdown!


We have been sending out cases to all our dealers. We always try to fill back orders in the order they were received. I’ll check on the status of MoogAudio on Monday.

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We currently have a few 7u in the b-stock section of our webshop: New Stock — Discontinued/Blemished - intellijel

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Thanks for the reply Danjel, and the head’s up re: stock. I’ll order direct from you instead. Cheers!

Hi @Danjel, any chance of a rough ETA when the next batch of 7U/104 cases will drop please?

It will be very soon. We have a large amount built up and they are just waiting for the PSU boards to be delivered in 1-2 weeks.