7U Performance Case Update

I ordered a 7U104 box with Thomann on June 30th. At that time, the product page indicated that it was expected to be available in 4-6 weeks.
July 21:
I asked Thomann’s customer service about the progress of the product, and they said that the product was postponed by the manufacturer until September 13th.
August 13th:
Ask Thomann customer service about the progress of the product again, they said they will restore the inventory on September 29
I just checked the product page and it shows that it will be available in 6~8 weeks…

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my retailer said that a bunch of cases were sent to them but were recalled as there was an issue with the power supplies. they haven’t heard back when they expect to receive the replacements.

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Update again, Thomann once again postponed the time to November 22, I don’t have any expectations about it anymore.

It’s useless to ask dealers. Their delivery status is based on the manufacturer. Even if I get the next estimated delivery time, the manufacturer will not be able to supply the goods at that time, this will be a continuous delay cycle.

I considered buying two of these when I bought the one I currently own, and now I wish I had. Doesn’t look like these will be available again until December, or early next year.

So, what’s the status here, intellijel? I am looking to buy ine of the 104 7u cases, bit no retailer has them in stock. Are they out of production, or when will there be a new batch?


They are in production, as well as many other things. A lot of things going on globally that are causing delays in various parts of the process. Can’t really give any ETAs since it’s pretty unpredictable.

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Thanks for replying. So is the estimate of november from Thomann accurate? If so, I probably need to look for other solutions. Also what’s the best way to be informed when they are back in stock, and is there maybe a waitinglist to join?

We do not have a waiting list, but many of our dealers do. Just be aware that different dealers will have different policies in regard to waitlists and pre-orders, so you may be added to a queue. This means that even if we send a shipment to a dealer, there may be other people in line before you. My recommendation would be to contact a few shops and see what kind of timelines they’re dealing with and who provides the most transparent information. I’ll repost our Covid status response below:

We are steadily building and shipping products, but there are world-wide parts shortages and Covid-19 related delays which may affect our production schedule. Note that we prioritize our dealers over our own online store, so your local retailer will be the first to receive new stock as it is made. Please check in with your favourite shop for pre-orders and stock information.

We are not providing timeline information on specific products at this time. We are still manufacturing, still working on firmware, and still working on new things. We’re looking forward to getting back to full speed as much as you are! Stay safe, keep jamming.


Can you share with us what size this production run is? Dozens? Hundreds? Thousands :wink:? Enough that there will be stock when current orders are fulfilled (acknowledging that you may not have visibility into that)?


Sharing a little update – as Intellijel has suggested here, I’ve tried calling various retailers over the last several months to ask when they expect new stock of the 7us, and I always get the same response – “We don’t know when the next stock is coming in, we’re waiting for Intellijel to let us know when that will be, maybe if you contact Intellijel you can get more information,” completing the circle. This has happened with every US retailer I’ve contacted.

However, I was able to get some new information from somebody at Vintage King yesterday, who said that they’re expecting to receive the 104 7U’s at the end of January.

The last time I talked to someone at Perfect Circuit a week back, I was told that they had no new information – sadly, that’s where my preorder has been for many months! So, take from this info what you will.

We apologize for all the delays. As you can imagine, it has been quite frustrating to deal with the ever-changing chip shortages but also major international shipping delays on core parts too. In some cases, we have had to wait for more than 12 months for key items.
This week we finally managed to source some long-awaited critical parts so we will be going into high gear to get some cases assembled and shipped out asap.
All backorders will be filled eventually but in the meantime, we really appreciate your patience and understanding. Like everyone else, we can’t wait for things to get back to some form of normal!


Please tell me that huge stack of performance cases you just posted on insta are:

  1. New
  2. 104hp
  3. Getting sent to dealers ASAP

If the answers to all of the above == yes
Then I’m so happy!

Yes please!

I’m waiting on that case to be available in stock so that I may start my journey into modular.

Nightlife in Vancouver has stock!

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Thank you neuromod! You were the light in my dark days!

Just ordered mine at NightLife, so -1 from that stock.
They told me it’s “limited” so hurry up if you want one daveyc.
All other dealers just postponed their ETA’s again so I lost my hope for this year until neuromods post.

Can’t wait for everything to be normal again for all of us all.
Good luck Intellijel, I cannot wait to receive the case and finally house my modules in your beautiful case!


hear hear… snagged a Rainmaker on this tip :partying_face:



Just ordered mine, finally!

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Wow…Rainmaker in stock! And Atlantis.


Thanks for the tip! I think I might hold off for now, as when you add in the shipping from Canada and the amount you lose with changing to CAD from USD, it’s almost $100 USD more than what I’ve already spent on my present pre-order at Perfect Circuit. Hopefully they’re on their way to US retailers as well, trying to stay hopeful…when I called Perfect Circuit over the weekend, the sales rep said that unfortunately they had heard nothing about new shipments or supply coming in from Intellijel at all, and added that they really hadn’t heard anything at all from intellijel for several months. Keeping my fingers crossed!