7U Performance Case Availability

We have been busy assembling 7U x 104HP in black and silver as well as both colors of Palette cases and making shipments to dealers.

We will get them out quicker once we receive a few more PSU stock (which is in process).


There’s one 7U 104HP B-Stock case in our web shop right now! B-stock cases still come with all the accessories and a 2-year warranty.

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I just placed a pre-order at perfect circuit. Thanks for the information and update, hopefully one of the other posters can snag it.

Thanks for chiming in y’all. My order for one from Thomann in Germany had been lost in the USPS system for a month, so I was ready to find another (which I might eventually want anyway). They may have more for those looking. It finally showed up yesterday, so I’m a happy wiggler tonight.

I’ve had one backordered on Perfect Circuit for a little over 2 months, so I wouldn’t hold your breath.

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I’m also curious about this, as this is the last obstacle left before I can start using my modules.

Is there any estimate on when new cases will be available to retailers, in either the 84HP or the 104HP size? I’ve been waiting on my 84HP for some time, and from what I’m seeing around the forum, I might be better off cancelling that and going with another supplier for now.

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Any update/ETA on the 7U 84hp? Or is it just 104hp and Palettes for now? EDIT: ideally the silver one :zipper_mouth_face:

looks like some just got in stock


looking forward to restock on these.

Really really really hoping that the 84HP cases get another run. I’d take black or silver, doesn’t matter as long as I can get my hands on one.

Have an 84HP and want to use the joiners, and would be gutted if I was never able to get another one.

+1 for 84 waiting on a silver one. Literally checking Reverb daily for it.

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been waiting three weeks since my perfect circuit pre-order. Would love any info on when these might become available. Want to get some more modules but I’m out of space!

Anyone have an ETA on Black 104 7Us? I’d love one, but will probably bite the silver bullet if it’s going to be months. Thanks!

I’m desperately looking for a 104hp performance case to use it with the one I alread own.
I have asked my local dealer. He said that it is “out of stock”.

@intellijellies do you have any information about the availability ? … Is there a new revision in the way ? … ?

probably best to keep people in the dark (re: new case announcement) as long as possible, so they’ll look for an alternative, then be disappointed (regretful, having purchased something else) when the new case (hint?) is announced[/sarcasm]


There must be a serious wait, or something going on with a new design perhaps, as Intellijel have been strangely quiet about this for a while now.

Yeah I have a strong hunch that something significant is launching. I called one of the big modular shops a week or two back to inquire about steppy 1u and something about the way the person I spoke to was talking made it seem like they were avoiding talking about something else they were expecting in the long-awaited Intellijel shipment.

Now, that could just be me reading too far between the lines, but… we’ll see!

Last week, Scott mentioned that the issue is the power supply in this thread.


Hi guys, what’s the update on availability on the 104hp performance cases?

They were in stock at Perfect Circuit one week ago, not any more though.