1U XY <> 7U case MIDI?

I’ve seen quite a few threads on the use of the MIDI ports on the 7u case (links below), and it made me wonder, could the 1U XY module be used to create MIDI TRS access to the case MIDI ports? There seem to be an increasing number of modules with MIDI TRS so it would be super handy to have TRS ports on the case front that connect to the MIDI jacks on the case back.

It seems like it just needs a couple of jumper cables to do it.

MIDI Type A T,R,S corresponds to MIDI pins 5,4,2 respectively
MIDI Type B T,R,S corresponds to MIDI pins 4,5,2 respectively

On the 1U XY:

  • X T,R,S connects to its JP1 pins 1,3,2 respectively
  • Y T,R,S connects to its JP3 pins 1,3,2 respectively

The JP1 on the case has 10 pins, for IN4/5, OUT4/5, THRU4/5, GND, VBUS, D+, D-.

So it seems pretty clear that I could hook the XY JP1 pins1/3 to IN4/5 (for type B) or IN5/4 (for type A); but should I then hook XY JP1/3 pin 2’s to GND on the case JP1? Or somewhere else? Or leave them unconnected?

Thanks for any help!

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I have a custom case with a 1u row and I’d like to use Midi 1u and connect external midi devices via the xy trs jacks.

The info above and linked should allow me to get this done. I see the pinout on the linked thread and can see which pins correspond to each other on the two connectors (XY 1U JP1 and the 10 pin connector on the Midi 1U), however, I don’t know which one is pin 1 on the Midi 1U connector. There’s no marking on the connector itself. Could anyone clarify?