7U Case - Using the MIDI OUT port on the case as a MIDI IN for the Expert Sleepers FH-2


I’ve been trying to figure out how to wire the MIDI Out (DIN) port on my 7u case to the FH-2, to serve as a DIN MIDI Input for the FH-2.

This is so I can send notes from my MPC (which has DIN MIDI out, but no MIDI out over USB) into the FH-2.

Here’s a pic of the boards from both, 7u Case on the right with Pins labelled A B C, and FH-2 on the left with Pins labelled 1 2 3 4.

The FH-2 Documentation says…:

The MIDI ports are exposed on a 4-pin expansion header (labelled GT3) on the lower PCB. All of
the necessary electronics are on the PCB; all that needs to be added is the actual sockets.

The header pin-out is as follows (pin 1 is closest to the ‘GT3’ text):

Pin Function
Not relevant
1 OUT pin 4
2 OUT pin 5

3 IN pin 5
4 IN pin 4

Pin numbers refer to the 5-pin DIN socket as in the MIDI standard.
The header is a standard 0.1" pitch header compatible with e.g. typical IDC cable sockets.

I’m curious which connections to make to get that port working as a MIDI in (i.e. 3 to X, 4 to Y).


Something similar was covered in another forum thread here: Connect Pam’s to MIDI out on 7U case?

You might be able to find the answers you’re looking for there.

I don’t think so - but I’m not sure. They wired it to the JP1 on the Midi jacks? I see the Midi Out label thats on the right side of the midi jacks; which only has 3 prongs.

I’m not sure if I’m right or not though…

Hey, just thought I’d follow up. I got the MIDI OUT port working as a MIDI IN for the FH-2.

To get it working, I connected 3 to A and 4 to B. I have nothing on the third pin.

This alleviated issues I was having using a USB to MIDI cable to try to feed the MPC’s notes into the FH-2; and gives me a handy Midi input jack. Right now I just have a cable going from the midi thru (as the MIDI in already gets notes from the MPC) and into the midi out (that I re-purposed to a MIDI in for the FH-2, as described).