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Updated 104 4U Case

Heya Intellijel fam!

Curious if there’s any plans for an updated 104 4U case. One that might possibly have a similar vibe to the 7U (stealth/original with audio and midi jacks out of the top).

Been exploring the world of quad setups and thinking this could be a great option to use as a “mixer style” case. Tried out a smaller mixer skiff for a recent Modular On The Spot and couldn’t help but think this possibly 4U option would rule the school.

Possibly with the same style connectors and legs as the 7U jams. Connecting two 4Us for a smaller setup or even adding a 4U to the top of one of the 7Us.

Just riff’n here & putting this out into the universe. Keep up the great work Intellijel!


I feel like I should let Danjel answer this one. But if we were to do a new 4U 104HP case, other than built in audio and MIDI jacks what would you like to see? A pair of buffered mults like in the new 62HP Palette? 104HP gives more room to do built in utilities.

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5U case with two rows of 1U… and get cracking producing a broader range of 1U utility modules. 3rd parties are starting to buy into the Intellijel 1U format. I just saw an Ornaments and Crime in 1U from Plum Audio specifically for Intellijel.

The buffered mults on the new Palette cases are stellar. Would certainly be a very welcome option for a new 104 4U case.
Possibly a tempo knob & trigger output to send clock to the system though as I type this I think that would be a really handy small format 1U.
Similar to the noise tools though just the clock element.
I remember there was a brainstorm in another thread about how boss a “Clock Tools” 1U or even 3U would be.
Anywhooooooo the buff mults for sure! :slight_smile:

+1 on a new type of 4U case with a lid or the already existing bag.
I bought an Intellijel 7U thinking I could join them with the “now discontinued” 4U with the plates in the future, my bad I didn’t checked it out beforehand. Now I have a couple of modules waiting around, e.g. a Rainmaker, without a case! :scream: - Not sure if I should by some type of non-Intellijel 4U.
It would make so much sense. One could make a big (4U+7U) performance system for home and for the “big gigs” or rearrange and make one small 4U performance case to travel with.
Like, 2 types of Instruments.

btw, what are those “Intellijel Designs - 4U Joiner Plates (Set)” ? Just just found out about them. I mean can one use them to join 7U & 4U?


Yeah totally!
I keep moving toward having a 4U style case for mixers/fx/outputs/Planar and I think a 4U that could connect to the 7Us would slay!
Basically just an update to the previous Intellijel 4U (which rules!).


The 4U Joiner plates are to attach multiples of the old style 4U cases together. Unfortunately we don’t have an option to attach 4U and 7U cases at this point.

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@ScottMFR is there a way to join different hp in a stable manner?

You mean to join an 84HP case to a 104HP case? No, we don’t have a solution for that right now.

Oh. Wouldn’t be too hard, supposing that they weren’t different heights, just make the brackets take two L bends inwards.