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Tetrapad future modes wishlist


Here’s a thread to make suggestions for new modes for future versions of the Tetrapad firmware.


I’ll go first: ‘Bounce Mode’

The outputs become 8 different triggers. Touching the vertical axis sets the ‘height’ from which a ‘ball’ (indicated by the LED) drops. When the ball hits the bottom a trigger is output from the first of the two associated outputs. When it reaches its zenith, a trigger is emitted from the other output.

Turning the encoder adjusts bounce speed. Clicking the encoder stops the bouncing.

Hey presto, highly tweakable polyrhythms!

With the planned expander this mode could also become syncable to external clock.

Very much inspired by the bounce mode on the Tenori-On and similar patches for monome grids.



From Mode 2: Voltages mode, I’m only getting a max range of +3 to -3. Would be nice to be able to select max ranges somehow. Maybe ±5V and even ±10V?

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To be able to set free CV to use as a microtonal keyboard! Right now the keyboard modes only send pitch CV quatized to the 12 semitones…