Tete - time quantized live play

This is to request a time-quantized live play setting for Tete + Tetrapad. I would like an option particularly for Voltages and Notes modes where outputs update to the most recent pad touch only when a clock is received, like a S+H, but without preparing a sequence to do so. I imagine this could also be applied to Combo mode.

If there is some way to achieve this currently with the sequencer, I’d appreciate some instruction on how to set it up, I’m still learning my way around the Tete.

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bumping this to say i second the request for a live recording step sequencer in notes mode. and even perhaps the option to quantize loops.

a workaround i’ve been using is looping or just playing in euclidian mode with CV output quantized to a scale. it’s not as intuitive as playing the pads and finding specific notes can be tricky but you can effectively do live quantized melodies… locked into whatever your euclid settings are. it’s nice that you also get 4 separate trigger + cv outs so you can do multiple voices. another option i wish notes mode had. :slight_smile:


All of the feedback is compiled and reviewed before each bigger firmware update, Quantizing the looper is on the list for review for the next one.

You can overdub in sequencer mode while it’s playing, so you could fill a pattern to your desired length with rests, then overdub over top. It does not account for note length, which is also on the list.

The hardware is limited to one touch at a time per column/pad, which is why notes mode shares the all 4 pads with 1 big set of outputs.


I think this would be really helpful, and I would love to see this configurable per-pad in Combo mode so that, for example, within a Looper’s loop, you could have a Voltage Banks pad’s changes quantized/sampled-and-held to the clock while a Fader pad is playing back unquantized.