A few Tete suggestions

Apologies for creating a new thread … I’ve thought to comment on another but since it hasn’t gotten a reply yet, I don’t want to step on the OP’s toes.

I agree with recent suggestions I’ve read here about fixing the LFOs’ phase resetting when their clock-synced rates change, a pressure-tracking CV on the second output in LFO mode, and clock-quantizing pad changes in the Looper.

Besides that, I’d love to see Bank Y (with CLK, Trig, and Pad variants) as an X/Y/Z CV destination in Combo mode, so we can address the voltage banks with external CV in Combo mode.

It would also be incredible if there were some way of modulating the playback speed of a Looper loop besides using Loopy and scrubbing through it with CV – like, perhaps a clock-based control of it that could be sourced from the X/Y/Z inputs, where the loop gets stretched or compressed in its playback speed as a function of the distance between clock ticks on the assigned input, but it plays back at the original speed if that assigned X/Y/Z input is left unpatched.

Last, I believe the A/B assignable pressure output is broken in Combo mode when a Voltage Banks fader is the source for it. It behaves as if there’s a track and hold on it.

Thanks for listening.

Duly noted!

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I agree with all those above - esp. phase reset and clock quantized Looper. Something I would like to add is more division in the Sequencer Clock. I find /4 to not be enough, especially for chord changes and anything more extended.



As I asked about on MW today, a big +1 from me for the suggestion of CV over playback speed - or even better - playback position of data contained in the looper. Scrubbing a recorded loop without doing this via Loopy would be incredibly powerful, as it is in Scan mode on Planar 2!


Another Tetê suggestion.
I’d like to make a request for an addition to Voltages mode.
Right now, when you press the white button, you can tap/select a bank/pad, then turn a knob to change the voltage for that output, and press the knob to change it from raw +/-5V to quantized voltage output.

I’d like to ask for the addition of one more mode:
…If you click the channel knob once more, the LED cycles to magenta (for a gate - using the same color code in Notes mode), and now the knob changes to the amount of time the gate will stay open when the bank is activated. if it is set to 0 - then the gate is not fired. The time could be in milliseconds. If the gate time has not expired before you change to another bank - then you have a tie.
I was just thinking how this would work with sending voltages to oscillator pitch and other parameters, like Warp and Index on Rubicon2, and then having Quadrax getting hit with preselected triggers/gates to fire off envelopes to things like my filter cutoff and an output VCA. This would make Tetê Voltages mode like a 4-track 16-step sequencer - only way beyond!

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Hey there, just to avoid making a new thread.

Would it be possible to have a setting on Tete to reduce the metronome blinking to quarter notes instead of sixteenth notes? The screen-area and purple LED is inevitably stared at a bunch, and it just seems a bit less useful to have the BPM blink so quickly, hard to look at in the dark.


this a lot! more ext. clock divions would definitly be very useful