Tete & Sync'd LFOs out of Phase

I’m struggling to get LFO’s that are in phase with the clock of Tete. If I monitor the clock and a square LFO from Tetrapad through a Zeroscope the two are in sync but are rarely in phase. This is both in Internal and External clock modes.

Also, when clocked externally (from a Pamela New Workout) the reset doesn’t seem to work. For example, I have a trig sent once from Pamela on playback along with a clock on another channel. The reset doesn’t seem to do anything to Tete & the LFO. I can start Pamela and the LFO is out of phase. Interestingly, if I change the single trigger to a slower clock division then eventually when the 2nd trigger is received (after the initial downbeat) the clock and LFO sync up. So it appears Tete is ignoring the first reset trigger?

This is also probably a personal preference but I’d love a way to stop the LFO when the clock is stopped.

Finally :slightly_smiling_face: I’d love Tete to display the current rate of the LFO. That would take so much guess work out of using it and would be super useful when you’re aiming to get a specific rate.


As they are designed, they will go out of phase as you change the rate, this is to eliminate any hard jumps or glitches in the modulation output. You need to enable LFO Reset in order to reset phase, either with the looper/sequencer or the reset CV input.

I’ll note a feature a request for phase reset with the clock input, I will add another request to show the rate.

As for it missing a reset, if you could send a video to support@intellijel.com we can see if we can figure that out. I don’t see that behaviour here. If you can, make the simplest patch you can to display the issue.


Yeah, I understand the phase changing as the rate changes (though hopefully there is some maths that can interpolate something like this - it also happens on Quadrax too). But the issue I’m having is it’s out of phase even if I don’t change the rate.

I’ll record a video now - having it lock in phase with an initial reset would certainly help.


Currently, it will need a reset for it to be in phase when you set the rate initially and another if the rate changes.

I emailed you a video.

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