Tête - Combo mode - feature request

Hello everyone!

I’ve been using tête for about 3 months, mainly in combo mode in my case. It’s all very cool for live jamming but I came up with a couple of feature requests to improve the workflow, sorted by importance:

  • Reset euclidean rhythms: It would be very nice to be able to do this via the reset input(s). This is very important to me as many times my rhythms end-up out of phase. I guess it should be useful for other users as well. It’s a bit weird that the run and reset commands are ignored in euclidean mode (see next entry).

  • Run command in euclidean mode: Related to above, it would also be nice to have the latched euclidean rhythms to respond to run/stop commands as the looper does.

  • Quantize looper recordings: It would be very useful to be able to quantize the pad touches as well. More often than not, mostly when I slow down the tempo, the recorded pad touches that previously sounded ok get sloppy, I guess quantization would solve that problem.

  • Simulate pad press with trigger/gate on mod input: Sometimes I wish I could just record something from another sequencer (for instance: Steppy) via the mod inputs into the looper, it’s not crucial but it would be very cool.

  • Clock divider in Combo mode: I use tête mostly slaved to en external 24ppqn clock. It would be very handy to be able to divide the incoming clock without using another module for that.

  • Change presets on the fly via CV in mod input: If the hardware allows it like discussed here:
    Feature Requests for Téte + Tetrapad Combo

I hope some things will be possible to implement soon and wish you all a happy new year!


Glad to hear you’re enjoying Tete & Tetrapad and thanks for passing on these suggestions! I think resetting euclidean rhythms and providing external gates for pad presses have been suggested before, so these may already be on the wishlist of things to implement in the next firmware. Anyways, I’ll pass these on to add to the list of things to consider.


Just dropping my +1 for the Euclidean phase reset feature request. I have two Tetra/Tete sets and use the combo mode all the time and the lack of reset for the rhythms gets in the way a lot.

While I’m here I also want to +1 what someone else said regarding the LFO phase and rate:

It would be ultra helpful to see the rate value because, for example, I would like to sync the random LFO with the Euclid patterns and it’s currently very difficult to accomplish consistently, partly because the LFO phase doesn’t reset (which, in retrospect maybe makes sense in that context since the waveform type is ‘random’) and partly because I can’t determine what the rate is in relation to the master clock just from looking at the waveform graphic or dots on the pad. In any case, the issue is that I can’t seem to get the LFOs to sync tightly with the Euclidean rhythms in combo mode (I do have LFO sync turned on in the options).

Thanks for considering these requests! Absolutely loving the Tetra/Tete combos!

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