Feature Requests for Téte + Tetrapad Combo

Hola, Intellijel-Team.
First at all, im really in love with the combination Téte and Tetrapad.
The control and variety it gives you over the eurorack is great. Thanks for the great and intuitive product!

Since I often play in live situations, I miss some features and I wanted to tell you about them in the hope that they will be integrated in the future.

  • Save and load problem:
    • It often happens that when I want to save a preset, something slips in time, an LFO shifts or something else happens that changes the groove. It would be really nice if this could be fixed.
    • The preset-load problem that Téte will stop if im loading a new project. This is of course suboptimal for live situations. Is there a possibility in the future that the module won’t stop when changing presets? It is best to have a setting that takes the tempo and the bar section of the previous project optionally onto the newly loaded one

A few more features for a good workflow when jamming would be:
• A metronome function. The idea would be a setting for the CV outputs. A very normal clock that can be divided or multiplied. The clock would then have a 5V voltage (louder) at the start of the first cycle and the remaining clock beats would then be quieter (2.5 V?). I hope I explained it clearly.

• Preset linking to voltages. The idea here would be to link the saved presets to Voltage mode. So you could assign a touchpad with the voltage mode in combo mode and call up 4 presets on the fly.

• Recording the push intensity in notes mode.

By the way, here is abug that I had yesterday evening: In Voltage Como mode I could no longer change voltages at the outputs. After a module reset and various restarts, it worked again.
Edit: Have the problem again, would it help to record a short video ?

I am looking forward to your feedback!

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Thanks, we’ll note your feature requests!

As for voltages not updating, I may be as simple as having the Tete encoder rotated to “Bypass Pad” which bypasses the touch pads when the looper is stopped, and allows you to erase/mute portions of the loop during playback or overdub.

If it’s something else, you can provide a simple video of the bugs you’re experiencing and send it to support@intellijel.com, we can have a look!

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