Steppy feature request

Hi. Got my Steppy in the mail this past Friday. It’s amazaballs BTW. So happy with it, but I thought I’d throw out a couple ideas for future firmware updates. I apologize if these are features that already exist, I just haven’t spotted them.

a) Per step gate length (rather than per channel - possibly with a random application too)
b) Full random per channel (different than probability, turning on random would have the play head randomly jump around the track all willy nilly - could have cool results with a per step gate length feature)
c) start/stop playhead. not sure how this could work, but it would be useful to be able to start and/or start a sequence in time with a continuous clock input (my clock source doesn’t do this shy of pulling out the patch)

That’s it for now. Thanks again for a great module as is.


Mmm, this could be interesting :). I’ll add it to the list.

Since it’s only a gate sequencer, Any random function is just a variation of random “ON” or “OFF”. You’ll be able to get the same affect by playing with probability and tweaking your active steps and track length. But you’re right that it could be more interesting or at least a bit more dialled in with varying gate lengths.

An attenuator or mute switch on your clock feed would get you there. We considered it during dev, and may revisit the idea, I’ll will note it down. :slight_smile:

All in All, the UI is pretty dense as it is, so any changes will be pretty carefully considered.

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Very cool. I hear what you are saying about start stop and random mode as for Te density of the UI. Currently you like g press the edit button to enter ratcheting mode. But it strikes me that a long press could enter an “advanced edit” mode where each bottom level button enters a new function.

Anyway. Awesome work. Looking forward to how this module develops.


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Oh. And I did I dream that there is a way to randomize the ratcheting? I can’t find any documentation on that.

I like the per step gate length idea. Maybe it could be accessed by a long press of the Gate button while in Edit mode?

What about a random pattern generation instead of random playback. This could possibly be activated by holding Probability and pressing Clear?

@behinger random ratcheting is the last value to the far right when you are editing ratcheting on a step.

I like the idea of random pattern generator - especially if it could be per track. IE - I could program a sequence on tracks 1-3 and then apply a random pattern to track 4.

I also had this idea I don’t think I’ve seen in a sequencer before (hardware or software). Temporary Random. IE: I program a pretty standard rhythm sequence using tracks 1-4 (kick, hat, snare, stab) - while the sequence is playing, at any given point I can hold down a combination of buttons (probability and clear for example) and the sequence would change to a randomly generated sequence across all 4 tracks including ratchets, gate lengths etc… when the buttons are released the sequence reverts back to the programmed sequence at the point the playhead is at (as to not miss a beat). It could make for interesting on the fly fills without losing the fundamental beat of a composition.


Ooh, I like that Temporary Random idea @behinger! Maybe it could be accessed by holding Probability and pressing Shift/Loopy?

I also had another idea to allow you play fills. What if Loopy mode allowed you to play pages by holding down the page buttons in select mode? That way, if Loopy mode was active and you held down a page button you could alternate between up to four patterns.


Yes. I like that. Because I was trying to figure out how I could use the pages to set up multiple 16 step sequences. Even better would be a way to either lock in a loopy loop (so that you don’t have to keep the buttons depressed), or designate a loop by not only setting the last step of a sequence, but the first step too. This could span multiple pages, So if you wanted to set a loop between say, step 6 and step 48 for example, you would set the first step at page 1 step 6, and the last step on page 3 step 12. Can the buttons register double clicks? IE long press and hold for setting the last step (as is) and then double tap and hold to set the first step?

At any rate. I’m still scratching the surface of this module and it’s great as is. (it’s my first intellijel module by the way, and I’m sold) It will only get better with new features.

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Locked Loopy could definitely be a good option! Maybe activated by holding the Loopy button down in the Select Mode?

Or tapping the loopy button once you’ve held the loop. Then tap again to unlock?

The problem there is that Loopy is activated in Select mode, but the loop points are set in Step edit mode. Also what would you do if you wanted to include the step that also toggles loopy?

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Ah right. Of course. Facepalm.

I love the idea of per step gate length, but also per step probability. If they were both handled in the same way ratcheting is that would be perfection.


Santa sends me a Steppy :slight_smile:
Yes, please! Probability and gate length per step would be awesome!

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I would really like to be able to single button reset.
Without using an external module, or pressing shift.
I would like to be able to just reset steppy at will… fast-like.

You can do this from the select menu by pressing RST, or you can hold SEL and press RST

Thanks for this. Yes. absolutely, and that’s how I’ve been doing it (also with a pulse into the reset jack)
But it would be pretty awesome to not have to hold the shift button, or rely on automated pulses to reset.
Just a way of resetting with one button press.

Playing live gets hairy. One button/no modifier can save the moment.

Would be really tough with the Current UI options. Holding/Tapping SEL is taken, as well as Holding/Tapping EDIT.

Another option is to mult a manual trig button (or any voltage source, like a quadratt knob; it only needs about 1v to trigger a reset) from another module into your RST jack with your automated pulses.

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I would have taken probability per step over ratchet per step, anyone else feel this way? Sometimes when you’re programming percussion some hits need to be 100% probability. I have got around it with 2 x channels and an OR module but not ideal.

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Another feature request here.

I wonder if it’s possible to add an option in tap recording mode to only output the final quantized patterns and/or mute whatever you’re entering in while you’re doing it. That way it doesn’t kill the moment or sound awkward if your timing is off.

Also another vote for per step probability per step to be added.

Thank you!