Steppy 1U

Check it out:


A couple more videos that go in depth into some of the features:

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These two are also a lot of fun:

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Here’s a cheatsheet created by cg_funk on the muffwiggler forum:

Steppy1U CheatSheet.pdf (2.6 MB)


Got steppy recently
What an amazing module. Its crazy how easy the interface is and how much functionality is packed into it

It pushed me over the edge for my second 7u case, I think im going to get a second steppy now to replace my circadian rhythms too so its going to save me 36hp of 3u space.



Hi -

Loving the 1U Steppy. I had a question about the reset input. I have it synced to a trigger that fires every first step on my FLXS 1 sequencer. I’ve also used a trigger on Pamela’s New Workout. An issue I am seeing is that there is sometimes a hang on the 1st step of Steppy that puts the two sequencers out of sync. See the youtube link below. Any thoughts on how to fix? Thanks!

Is the reset from FLXS 1 a gate or a trigger? I believe the Steppy remains in reset as long as the reset signal is high, so if the reset is still high when the first clock is received it will be ignored.

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It is a trigger on the first step of the sequence. Is their an optimal voltage to use for the trigger? The voltage is customizable for the trigger on the FLXS. I also have the issue on Pam’s. Thanks!

What Kamil is referring to is the length of the trigger from FLXS, not the voltage. If it is staying high too long then Steppy would remain Reset while that trigger is high.

On steppy when a Trig comes into the RST jack, it sets a flag to reset on the next clock pulse. So you actually want to send it the Reset trigger on the last step. and when the next clock hits, it will be on step one.

If you want to sync with Pams’ Run Button, Pam’s can be configured to send a pulse when Pams is stops, this works well to reset steppy and keep it in sync with the Run button.

Ok, that makes sense. I’ve been sending the reset on step one, so that is probably resulting in it being off. I will try to set it up on the last step. With Pam’s, i know the step up option in the modifier. That works when i start the sequence, and it keeps everything in time.

But I wanted to see if there is an option on Pams that could send a reset every 16 beats, for instance. That is what I’m trying to achieve, as that would allow me to play around with clock settings and pattern changes on FLXS and still have everything be in time. Not the end of the world, but wanted to see if that is an option. Thanks!

Thats strange. I use Pam’s to clock and reset Steppy on the 1. I have a 16th note clock into Steppy’s clock-in, and a /8 clock from another Pam channel into Steppy reset. Settings on Pam are all defaults, so it’s definitely resetting on the 1. I’ll take a closer look when I get a chance.

I don’t what I was smoking but firing a reset on the 1 definitely does not work! It causes Steppy to spaz out a bit, actually. Anyway if you want to reset while clocks are running…with Pam’s, the simple fix is to set the phase of your clock pulse to around 50%, keep the reset firing on the 1 as usual. Or you can use the gate delay feature to do the same thing. The downside to this is that it pushes steppy out of time with other clocks, so you’ll have to see if that’s manageable or not. I don’t know if you can set Pam to send a gate just before 1?

Last reply to myself :grin: I rewatched Chris Meyer’s video on syncing and it helped me understand it some more. So try the OR trick. I don’t have a free logic module so I’ll try to tighten up Pam’s as much as possible. @slowwild Do you think it’s possible to change the reset behavior to be more like Grids, where it looks to the clock to see if it’s high when the reset hits? The Pam’s stop trick works but I am always messing with pattern lengths during my set so I need it to reset tightly while playing.

I’ll put this on the list of updates for Steppy, we’ll see when we can squeeze in some time to review it.

Thanks Wes! I know of another manufacturer whose reset also looks within a time range, so if the clock pulse happens with X milliseconds of the reset, it assumes its the downbeat. Helps with sloppy timing. For my use case I’d be sending everything from Pam’s so I assume the clock and reset would be at the exact same time.

I‘ve been using Steppy for a while now and I find it extremely useful and easy to use. One thing I‘m missing though is a way to switch patterns quickly. Like, what if there was a mode that would jumpt to a random pattern or to the next pattern every time a reset is received? Maybe something you could add in a future firmware update.

Also: loopy mode is awesome but why is it reset after a power cycle? Would be great if the state was saved with the preset.


Any updates on when Steppy 1u will be sold? Really itching to pick one up!

Also those palette cases daaaaamn!

Jesse is testing them next to me right now, expect restocks in stores very soon. :slight_smile: