Steppy 1U

Steppy 1U is back in stock on the web store!

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I’m pretty sure the answer is ‘no’ since I’ve read the manual and dug around a bit already, but just in case I missed it:

Is there any way to set individual gate lengths within a pattern (ie: per step)?

Seems to be just the overall length for the pattern or all patterns. Thanks in advance!

You are right, it’s currently per-track. Was in a list for possible feature updates, but the UI is pretty packed, so we’ll see.

Thanks for confirmation. UI is definitely packed & I haven’t used enough of the deeper functions to have a good idea of a possible workaround, but it would be at the top of my wishlist.

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Playing with the Reset Timing on Steppy today (sorry for the delay), I’ve reviewed the code and it’s setup to Reset Immediately if it get a gate at the same time as a Clock Pulse, and on the next step if they don’t align).

I noticed in the video that the RESET on Steppy is held HIGH (you can see the RST LED) when the flxs is stopped, which means it’s got to drop before it goes back up to trigger the reset, which will make it stutter. I’m not sure what kind of behaviour this is from the flxs1, we don’t have one of those here (or a pams for that matter).

I’ve tested the behaviour with the Circadian Rhythms, another steppy and a multed/divided clock, all of them work as expected, the first step triggers once when it gets the reset pulse aligned with the clock.

On your Flxs, try using another channel’s gate/trig output to reset rather than a CV Channel.

If you have a non-pams clock source externally driving pams and Steppy, then the Pams outputs may have a sub-ms delay that could cause the reset to drag 1 step. But pam’s should also work if you are using one of the 8 outputs to clock Steppy and another to handle resets. I’ll see if we can find one to confirm this.

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any idea when these will be back in stock? sadly, can’t find one anywhere.

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Any updates on this?

still out of stock over here in the uk at least