Shapeshifter v2.04 Firmware

This update fixes an issue that caused occasional clicking in Ring Mod Combo Mode.

Download the firmware here:

Instructions on the firmware update can be found here:
Further troubleshooting support can be found here:


Installed and working brilliantly. Love this update because I love ring mod and I can now record a patch I was making without those glitches in the background. Thanks Intellijel/Cylonix for this update!


I just bought a 2nd hand shapeshifter, it’s on fw 2.02 and I’d like to upgrade. NB: I’m on linux. I have a few questions:

  1. I updated my rainmaker using the command line, and it was surprisingly simple. It involved two steps FPGA and desplay. Am I correct in assuming that for the shapeshifter it’s only one step, the FPGA?

  2. When upgrading the FPGA is it basically the same as with the rainmaker, and most importantly that the module should NOT be powered from the rack, but only over USB?

  3. Is 2.04 beta the recommended firmware to upgrade to?

  4. How high is the risk of bricking the module? Like, will a failed firmware upgrade fall back to the previous firmware?

BTW: The shapeshifter is awesome!

That’s good to know that you can update the Rainmaker FPGA using command line in Linux! Somehow I missed that other thread.

  1. Yes, that’s correct. Shapeshifter only has the FPGA to update.
  2. Also correct. The FPGA just needs power from USB, not eurorack power.
  3. 2.04 is the latest firmware, so it is what I would recommend.
  4. I have not had any reports or experience of the module being bricked while performing the update.
    (5.) Yes, Shapeshifter is awesome! There’s a ton to explore in that module, but if you’re looking for things to try, this thread is full of good ideas:

Removed the “beta” tag from this post, as it was removed from the firmware long ago :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot! Will give it a go first thing in the morning…

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Oh, glad this got bumped. I missed it somehow. Looking forward to hearing what you do with shapey @a773!


Ok that was super easy! I obviously still had the setup on the computer as described in the thread on upgrading the shapeshifter from linux.

  1. For some reason I had commented out some lines in the etc/udev/rules.d/51-rainmaker.rules, so although “quartus_pgm --auto” ran all green with no errors, the programming failed. I re-enabled those lines and rebooted the computer (to make sure the rules were correctly read).

  2. Then I copied the shapeshifter firmware jic to the base of the quartus binary (/path/to/intelFPGA/19.1/qprogrammer/bin/). This to make sure no path confusion was involved. It seems that (maybe because I didn’t install the quartus software, just downloaded and unbacked it) I need to be quartus binary folder for it to find the various other commands included with the programmer for the final step to work.

  3. Then just ran the following to upload the firmware:
    quartus_pgm -m jtag -o "pi;shapeshifter_v2.04_jan16_2020.jic"

All green text indicated success, placed the shapeshifter back in the rack, and confirmed it’s now displaying 2.04.