Scales with two separate quantizers?

I would love to use my Scales as two separate and (potentially)unrelated quantizers. I have read the manual, but cant seem to find how this works or if it’s possible. Perhaps I missed something?

I assume one signal would come into the pitch input and the second signal into the shift?

Is this possible?

Look in the manual for the section “OUT B: DUAL” for how to enable this mode.

As you guessed, in this mode the second signal goes in SHIFT and out OUT B. Both use the same configured scale.

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As @kpreid said, yes this is possible while in Config - OUT B is set to DUAL and not flashing (flashing indicates SEQ is active)

SHIFT is used as the input for quantizer B, and both quantizers share the same scale.

In terms of using a different scale for OUT B, while this isn’t exactly the same maybe you could use SHIFT to target OUT B with POST and CHROMATIC offsets to get notes outside the range of the current scale?


Is there a way to get OUT A to respond to a trigger input, but force OUT B to ignore the trigger input? I am trying to use Scales as two separate quantizers, but only want A to respond to the trigger input. Thanks!

I’m not sure I understand the question. If this was the case, how would Out B know when to quantize a new note?

Totally possible I am misunderstanding how the module works.

But on page 8 of the manual it describes the behavior with a trig-in and without a trig-in. My understanding is that the trig sort of acts like the trigger input on a sample and hold, telling Scales when to sample the incoming pitch. But without that trigger input, Scales will constantly sample, until the pitch hits a certain threshold to switch into a new note? Perhaps that is incorrect?

Ignoring my original question… if I am just using Out A, the behavior I described above does seem to play out that way in practice. Unless, again, I am totally misunderstanding what is actually happening.

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Ah, I gotcha now. That’s correct that if there’s no TRIG input and TRIG A and TRIG B are deactivated it uses detection of quantizable pitch change to generate the triggers. It’s not super clear in the manual how things behave in DUAL mode, but it looks like if either TRIG A or B is selected both quantizers will lock to the TRIG input.

Ah ok. Do you think there is any possibility to add an option in a future firmware to allow for selecting which outputs will respond to the trigger input, in DUAL mode?

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Not sure. What do you think @slowwild and @kamil ?

The trigger input is based on the wether or not a cable is plugged in and currently has config associated with it, and in Dual Mode it is shared and applied to both Quantizers.

While it’s probably technically possible, the config UI would become more complex and would need to rely on some hidden options.

You could achieve this by using a separate S&H module (Like Noise Tools 1U) connected to OUT A then leaving the TRIG input unconnected.

You are correct in how it should behave. If you have nothing attached to the trigger input, sweeping the voltage on the PITCH input should change OUT A to a new quantized value as they are reached (try using a manual offset or LFO to see this work). If you have a cable attached to TRIG IN then OUT A will only update when a Trigger is received AND the new value is different than the current value.