Rainmaker Tutorial Video

Hey guys,

I’m currently working on the first Rainmaker Tutorial video. I’m planning to at least do two, with the first focused on the delay section, and the second on the comb, routing/config, and meters/gain sections.

If there’s anything specifically that you would like me to cover I’d love to hear your suggestions. It may be too late to make it into the first video, but I can certainly include it in the second.

Also, if you have any suggestions for future videos I’d be happy to hear them.


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Probably something for a later tutorial, but I’d be interested in some patches / examples of modal synthesis being done with the rainmaker. The manual mentions the filters capability to self-oscillate and says that this enables modal synthesis, but i think it would be helpful to show an actual application of that.

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HI x2mirko,

Have you tried some of the modal presets we included? e.g. 65 Ping Arp and 66 Modal Ring?

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Hi x2mirko,

I think I should be able to cover that in the second video which will focus on the Comb section.

Thanks for the suggestion!

Actually, we’ve decided it would be more appropriate to approach this in a separate video. I’ll keep you posted!

Looking forward to these. Haven’t seen a comprehensive demo of what this thing can really do, although I’ve heard great things coming out of it.

Here’s part one on the delay section! The rest should be coming soon…


Here’s a link to the Rainmaker Tutorial Playlist. Videos on the Comb Section and Utility Operations have now been added and there’s a few appendix videos on the way too!


New video’s are awesome, it looks like my rainmaker is version 1.02, and i don’t have the CV option for Presets. I noticed the version in the videos is 1.04xxx.

Is there somewhere I can download the firmware and upgrade my Rainmaker?


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It’s not available yet. The firmware update will be released soon, most likely in the coming week.


awesome! thanks for the heads up

If you’re comfortable doing the updates we’re seeking some beta testers:

sweet sweet sweet DM’d.

good videos! :blush:

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Is 1.04 not out yet? I recently purchased a Rainmaker that’s on 1.02. I successfully updated the display to 1.04 using the firmware updater over at https://intellijel.com/firmware-updates/ but then loaded up the FPGA updater in VirtualBox (I’m on OS X) and it doesn’t seem to give me much useful info after it loads the Quartus programs. There doesn’t appear to be a guide to using that updater so I am not sure if I’m doing something wrong or if 1.04 isn’t packaged in there yet.

Answering my own question for posterity - I found the Shapeshifter FPGA OS X update instructions over here, which I assume to be the same process I’ll need: Shapeshifter firmware update on macOS

BUT… while there is a downloadable .jic file for Shapeshifter, there doesn’t appear to be one anywhere for Rainmaker.

Correct, mirth23! 1.04 is still in Beta, and you’re welcome to test it if you’d like, but the official version should be coming out shortly.

You can sign up for Beta testing here: Want to beta test the latest Rainmaker firmware?

And this video has a walkthrough of the firmware update process: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vxZ_gbtBkcM

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