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This looks amazing! :star_struck:

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Hoping this will pair well with Quadra+EXP to make some really unique functions.

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I’m curious if a tempo sync is possible with Burst mode (obviously not in the stock firmware, but in an update). Really great looking module. Excited to get my hands on it. Desperately in need of an EG!

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In burst mode the trigger is used to trigger the bursts, so it can’t also function as a clock for the waves inside the burst, unless you only want regularly-spaced bursts. In playing around with I’ve found that usually the bursts are too high of rate to be considered rhythmic but are better suited for various modulation effects.


Brilliant. Bravo!

Module looks fantastic. Did you change the panel manufacturer? (guessing only from the photos)

It’s well taken point, but a way to enter a tempo sync’d mode ala the LFO using a CV input would be a nice “Easter egg” kind of feature - realizing it doesn’t jive with existing CV system. I’m just greedy. :yum:

Rhythmic bursts would really compliment how I’m going to use it. I likely won’t have much use for the CV inputs in my live-oriented case, so it would work well for me. (Pre-ordered immediately.)

Will think about it. There’s a lot of different considerations that have to go into whether a feature is possible or not. The CV inputs would be difficult to use for that purpose because of the way they work with the CV matrix and how they are sampled.

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In the meantime, you could also patch together a similar synced burst by using an AD channel into a CV assigned to the LEVEL (your fade out/in time) of another AD Channel that’s being triggered on a fast clock (your bursts)

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Or you could use a TRIG in to clock sync an LFO, then link a burst channel using either the LFO’s EOR to have it trigger on the offbeat or EOF to have it trigger on the downbeat. Then adjust the RISE and FALL to get the burst to gel with the timing of your track.


Caveat being I have 4 voices, so every envelope would be in use in my very compact system. The ability to swap a voice to a sync’d burst would very very nice.

Any estimate on when the video might be released?

Likely Monday.


I still have hope! :yum:

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OK, part 1 of the video manual is up! Lots more to come…


Quadrax is so beautiful with all of those colors lit at once. :heart_eyes: Intellijel has really been killing it for the past several years.

Thanks for the intro, Scott. I really look forward to the upcoming videos. This thing looks powerful!

Additionally, I’m watching on mobile, but is your ZeroScope screen white on black? If so, will this be in an updated version? It looks amazing.


Some constructive criticism for Scott. Please de Ess the videos, very harsh S sounds on every video

Thanks cats. I do use a de-esser, but I guess I need to get more aggressive with it or chain more than one. Keeping the crispness and intelligibility while taming my sibilance has been a challenge!

Oh and the rest of the video manuals are up now…