Quadrax 1.4 — New CVD Mode (Color Vision Deficiency)

Big update for some! No other Changes or fixes over 1.3.1.

Thanks to our community members for their help testing/workshopping CVD Mode!

Mac: https://intellijel.com/downloads/firmware/Intellijel_Firmware_Updater_macOS_2023-04-27.zip
Win: https://intellijel.com/downloads/firmware/Intellijel_Firmware_Updater_Windows_2023-04-27.zip

(Manuals are being uploaded/processed)


Thanks for the update and for the great work to accommodate these folks.

I haven’t yet updated to v1.3.1. As someone without color-deficient vision (to my knowledge), is there any reason why I should not update to v1.4, but instead should only update to v1.3.1?