Colour Deficiency Testing (Quadrax/Flurry)

Hey Y’all,

Been a long time since I posted, we went through a ton of changes in the last year. Dev team changes, and a ton of stuff coming this year (cAsCaDiA!! ;)) that has been backed up for any number of reasons. We’re really excited to start rolling this stuff out.

Anyways on to the topic at hand…

Metropolix/Tete were designed with this in mind, it’s not required to know what colour the LEDs are to know what is going on, everything you need to know is also reflected on the screen. With Flurry and Quadrax, we want implement an optional CB modes to change how the LEDs function for a gamut of colour deficient users (myself included*).

In my research, it looks like Blue and Yellow carry the most contrast for all types colour blindness, even if they are not perceived as Blue and Yellow. Combining Yellow/Blue with a variety of Blinking or Fading patterns, i think we can find a nice solution for our RGB modules.

If you have colour blindness and a Flurry or Quadrax, and would like to test an upcoming firmware update, please send me a DM!

This image is a good example of the extremes.

*My colour blindness is pretty low key. I always fail the tests and have subtle Deuteranopia. In the eurorack space, It usually has to do with perception of Yellow/Orange/Amber LEDs (You see Amber, I see Yellow), I personally don’t have an issue distinguishing a Red LED from a Green one.


Yes I have red green colour blind issues. I usually start at the no colour and toggle to what I want to use.


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