Plonk 1.10 Beta

Available for Mac download for macOS, and Windows

note: you will need to recalibrate the module after updating. The calibration is found in the CONFIG->Global settings menu

Update instructions are provided in the updater software. Please give this a try and post any feedback in this thread. Thank you!


  • New parameters: Noise Lowpass Envelope, Noise Highpass Envelope, control the amount of the noise envelope applied to the lowpass and highpass filters.
  • New x/y/mod destinations: N LP Env, N HP Env, R Pitch
  • Less frequently adjusted global options moved to CONFIG->Global Config sub menu.
  • New global option: Gate delay. Adjustable gate delay for sequencers that don’t stabilize pitch until some time after the gate goes high. Adjusting this helps Plonk stay in tune when being controlled by those sources. Lower values will result in lower latency, down to ~2ms. Higher values will increase the latency.
  • Improved overall pitch tracking.
  • Other minor fixes.

Added the Windows version.

Great. Can’t wait to give it a try!

Can’t wait to try this.
Will there be any other features added?
I really like using plonk for melodic instrument voices so I’d really like to see the resonator decay ring for longer.
And maybe an option in the noise envelope to have it latch with the trig in to stay on until the next trigger.
And overdrive/saturation option pre and post resonator.


Longer decay may be possible, we need to check with the AAS guys about that.

Your second request is already possible. Set the exciter noise envelope type to AHR instead of AR, and the envelope will stay in the hold phase until the trigger goes low.

It may be possible to add some kind of saturation (only post-resonator makes sense really…), that’s something we’re going to explore for a future firmware release.


Longer resonator decay would be amazing and so would a saturation post resonator.
Really hope this can happen!


is there anywhere mentioned how to do this update ?

Once you download the firmware updater software and select Plonk there it will have the update instructions. They’re also described in the manual.

ah, thank you, just found in the manual there is a USB at the backside…

Just updated today, and so far, it’s working great! Will test out the new params/mod destinations and pitch tracking changes.

However, upon seeing Planar 2 in the update menu, I was :star_struck:

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Nice, some fresh air :slight_smile: Maybe some new types of object ?

We pretty much have all the ones that AAS figured were feasible/useful, so unless they come up with something new :slight_smile:

How’s everyone finding the new firmware?

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The new firmware is much better at tracking 1v/oct with less inaccuracy, not perfect, but a great improvement. As for the newly added noise envelope functionality, it adds so much new dimension to the module.

I know this is off topic but is there a resource where other plonk users are sharing their presets? As I would love to hear what other users are coming up with.

Much love guys

There’s a few on Laser Mammoth but not a whole lot. Maybe we should just make a forum thread here where people can share their presets, either directly here or with links to Laser Mammoth.


Thanks for the heads up. I’ll check it out asap. I think adding a thread for presets on the forum could be very cool to get people sharing their creative approach to building patches.

Much respect

Dear AAS give us a chance to make dope fat snares on Plonk :slight_smile: please

I am very interested in this module. Does this firmware address the “stuck in portamento mode” that I have read about? Hope so, my modular setup totally needs to get Plonked!

That’s part of the improved pitch and gate delay settings, yes.

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Hi guys, I’m getting a 404 error trying to download the 1.10 beta for the Mac. Is the file still on the servers?