Pedal I/O 3 -Link Cable Replacement

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I lost my 3-wire link cable which connects my Pedal i/O to the Pedal I/O Jacks. What is the specifications for this cable? it looks like the same connector as the ones found on the computer fans (3-pin)

Page 10
" Connecting the Pedal I/O to a Pedal I/O Jacks 1U Module

The Pedal I/O 1U module ships with a 3-wire link cable. Use this to connect the Pedal I/O to either a Pedal I/O Jacks module or to a compatible case with built in 1⁄4” jacks.

If you purchased the
Pedal I/O Jacks module, simply connect it to the Pedal I/Omodule with the link cable as shown to the right.

The connectors are keyed, so
you can orient them only one way — ensuring that you can’t connect the cable backwards. ThePedal I/O Jacks does not require power, and the link cable is long enough that the two modules don’t have to be installed side-by-side if you don’t wish.

NOTE: Never use the 3-wire link cable to connect a Pedal I/O module to an Intellijel Mixupmodule. Although both modules use this same cable/connector — they serve different purposes and carry different signals."

It’s a Molex KK 254 3-pin connector. Pretty standard and yes I believe some computer fans use it. If you contact our support they should be able to send you one if you don’t have any readily available.

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Thanks! I am based in china and will find a replacement. For those who are interested, the chinese standard for the Molex KK 254 3 pin is “KF2510”

Took me a while to figure it out

Thanks a million for the quick reply!

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