Mixup - Link Cable Replacement

Hi there,

I recently got a Mixup secondhand that didn’t come with the original 3 pin cable and I want to use the internal routing feature to connect it to my Outs module. According to this thread, the cable for the Pedal I/O is the same as the Mixup, a Molex KK 254 3-pin connector.

I’m struggling to find a cable that matches that name, could someone point me to where I could get one?

I thought they were just 3-pin molex cables, but I’m also having a hard time finding them in searches.

If you e-mail support@intellijel.com they can send you one for the cost of shipping. Or if you place an order from the web shop and leave a note to include a Mixup cable we’ll send one out with your order.

Thank you! Looks like I have an excuse to get a new module :laughing:


For future explorers who also find their way here searching for a replacement cable:


Hopefully when someone else finds this in the future, there will actually be some stock somewhere. Until then, F-F jumpers it is!